Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Top then things I learned while camping

1.  Bug Spray.  You can never have enough bug spray.

2.  There's always one kid that has to learn the hard way about the dangers of the fire pit.

3.  Rainy afternoons aren't all that bad.

4.  Socks and shoes are preferable where sand fleas are concerned.

5.  Mother nature will always call on you while camping.

6.  Frozen slushies are even better when it's hot, humid, and sunny out.

7.  Frozen slushies are even better with alcohol.

8.  Bug spray.  (yes, worthy of 2 entries)

9.  Naps are very, very good.  For.everyone.

10.  Creating memories with my family (and awesomely close friends) is worthy of all the dirt, sleepless nights, and bug bites.  The dirt washes off, you can catch up on sleep, and the bug bites will dissipate.  But those memories...those awesome memories will last forever.


Anonymous said...

I do believe frozen flushies with alcohol are good any time, anywhere!

Big Fat Gini said...

Mmmm. Frozen slushies!

I loved your number ten! I am totally not a camper, but I really do want to take the boys when they're a bit older. I think they'll have a blast!

Good Girl Gone Green said...

Ouch someone got hurt near the fire it! And yes slushies are so much better with alcohol....yum!

TV's Take said...

Love the list! Sounds like a good time even with the mess

Sandra said...

Yes, frozen slushies, definitely better with alcohol!