Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Top ten things I learned about running that can also translate into life lessons

Six months ago, I embarked with all seriousness on a new journey.  My body was starting to heal, and I knew my weakened muscles needed to get back to work. So, here's a few important things I learned along the way.

1.  Anything forward moving is progress.  As long as your not sitting in your butt indented cushion of the couch, its good.

2.  You don't have to spend a lot of money to make it a success.  My original investment in running was under $200.  It's a bare bones basic plan to use my legs as the workout tools.  I didn't need a fancy gym or a fancy trainer in order to move and be successful.  There are few things in my life I would consider fancy.

3. Using your voice is imperative.  Telling people about your goals will help hold you accountable.  I had wanted to run for a while now, but didn't tell anyone.  Why?  I wasn't ready to take myself seriously.  Once I started telling people about my goal, I knew it was time to get the good tennis shoes....cause we were going running!  Using my voice helped me create an accountability system.

4.  True friends are blessings.  There are a few friends that I told and offered no support.  Matter of fact, they actually tried to talk me out of doing something good for myself.  I quickly realized that I only wanted to surround myself with positive friends, and not lobsters in buckets.  (If you have 2 lobsters in buckets, one will always try to escape.  The second one will always pull the other one back down into the bucket.)  The great friends I've relied on through this journey are tried and true.  I know that now, and I know they are honest, dependable, and supportive - and most of them are only a text away.  (Melody, Cindy, and Michelle, talking about you guys here!!!  Thank you!)

5.  The treadmill is always there.  You skip one day, it will be there tomorrow.  Bad day yesterday?  Pick yourself back up today and try again.  Never stop trying.

6.  Good nutrition is a good start.  Running is a lot harder when you've only fueled your body with crap.  It's a little less hard with good fuel and protein in your body.

7.  A little wind in your sails keeps the boat moving.  Sometimes we all need to hear, "good job!"  Finding someone who is willing to tell you that is a blessing.  I know this goes back to #4, but the "good job" deserves a line item of its own.

8.  Pain is temporary.  Some more temporary than others.  But, temporary none the less.  I spoke to my bloggy friend, Charlie, the day before the race and she reminded me that not one person listed in the bible had a painless existence.  Not one.  I should not consider myself exempt from pain either- because in pain, I am in good company (God).

9.  Find inspiration.  I read a lot of 'fat to fit' blogs.  Charlie's blog is one of my favorites.  She serves as an inspiration to me.  Talking to her on the phone the day before the race was just what I needed to calm frazzled nerves.  She reminded me that I can make my actions a prayer.  I could actually make my run a prayer!  Her journey started earlier than mine did...and she's a great person to follow!  My sister-in-law, Marianne, also has a miraculous and hard earned journey in her running/weight loss.  I love surrounding myself with people who inspire me!

10.  This is the most important lesson I learned while running.  Foundation is the most important.  Good shoes, good bra, great God.

Top Ten {Tuesday}


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this list, just love it! And I could not be prouder of you, my friend!

Malisa said...

I ran my first 5K last winter and it was such a great feeling to accomplish that feat. I recently read a book you might be interested in called Half-Assed. It is a fat to fit book like you mentioned in your post. Keep on getting out there and trying. The little habits we do each day matter. Thanks for the encouragement about the treadmill too. I need to get back on mine!

Courtney said...

I think these are great tips!! I love running and try to let people know that in the end if you miss a few days, its okay, no need to beat yourself up just start over again and you can keep going!

Anonymous said...

Such an inspiration! I am so happy for you! I was running earlier this year, lost a good amount of weight from my post pregnancy of 2 children and now am looking to get back out there and do it again. I have let it go for too long. Thanks for motivating me!

Emily - faliLV said...

I LOVE this!! Thank you for such a great and inspiring post! I am now a follower! Seriously, loved this!

Kerri said...

Great perspective and insights! I SO wish I could skip the bra thing! :) Visiting from Top Ten hop.

Lady Goo Goo Gaga said...

Good for you!! I started running about a year and a half ago - and it never seems to get easy!

Mama M. said...

#10 is awesome! And you should be extremely proud of yourself...I have been talking about wanting to take up running. But I just can't get myself motivated! Any tips?