Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kentucky Trip in pictures: Part 1

Ok, so I'm uploading my pictures only to realize I took 277 of them.

Apparently, I'm a little shudder happy.

What can I say?  First family vacation.

So, I'm weeding some out, cleaning some up...

...and still catching up on work and housework from being gone.

So, here's the first installment of pictures.

We left our house at 4:45 am on Friday and headed south.

With two little boys in tow, we had to make a few more stops than anticipated...
...but all in all, we were only out of the car for an hour total.

We arrived at our destination around 2:30pm and spent the rest of the day enjoying our accommodations.

Including the three tier deck/patio/fire pit, dock and lake.

The view from the dock looking up to the house (through the trees)

A. got to drive the boat a bit.

C. even got a turn in the driver's seat. 
I'm not sure he ever took the wheel, but he LOVED sitting there.

We saw an amazing amount of turtles and geese.  We actually counted 113 geese swimming in a line!
I have a picture of that somewhere, but can't quite find that.

Then, back to the house for a brat dinner (gluten free brats!!!) with more family, and then we broke out the fire pit and enjoyed some s'mores with cookies instead of crackers.

I actually got to see my cousin Erik for the first time in over 20 years.  It was really fun to catch up!

My dad with C.

I thought it was an adorable picture.

This bird feeder was the busiest feeder I've ever seen!  There were trees all around, and each bird would swoop in, take a few seeds and head back to the appropriate tree.  Then, as soon as one bird would leave, another would swoop in from another direction.

Then, in the morning, we caught a less than feathery creature...more furry...aiming for the feeder as well!

Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have from our busy Saturday!

I went running in a local park - which I was told was nice a flat, but was everything but.  A. came with me to run - since he thinks he's going to do a 5k with me this September.  He petered out at .5 miles...and I spent the next 1.5 miles trying to coax him to run.  The park was beautiful, and they were setting up for a tractor pull later that morning.  Only in Kentucky.  :)

I forgot to take my camera on our travels to see my cousin's houses.  They both recently built or remodeled their homes, and it was so neat to see the building trends down there vs. up here.  The area is just beautiful, and chasing fireflies with the kids made stepping in dog poop totally worth it!

I was REALLY nervous going down there because my cousin has two cats in her house...and two horses in her back yard.  I am allergic to both of them, and C. is REALLY allergic.  But since our awful reactions, we have changed our nutrition and supplement habits, so I was eager to see if we were going to reap the benefits.  I packed up the inhaler, magnesium spray and benedryl (which I realized later that I forgot! - just the benedryl, not the other stuff).  The cats were sequestered to her basement, and my cousin spent the entire day cleaning everything so C. would be able to come over.  She warned us to stay off certain furniture that the cats usually lounge on, and let us know that her bedroom was a no-cat zone (therefore our safe room if C. reacted).  The horses were about 50 feet away, and the cats stayed in the basement.  I'm happy to say that C and I emerged from the evening without so much as a sneeze!!!  My poor mom got a little itchy and sneezy - which is the only reason I realized I forgot my Benedryl.

Sunday we went caving!!!  I have tons more pictures of the beautiful I need to make a new post.

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