Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things I learned in KY

I'm baaaaack!

We had our first family vacation since C. was born.  And our first road trip with A. that was longer than 4.5 hours.  We travelled down to Kentucky for a little R&R.  I have many, many.....many pictures coming...but until I get caught up at work (which will likely take longer due to my delaying and creating a blog post), they will have to wait.  Hopefully I'll have them ready by tomorrow.

Until then, here's a few things I learned while on vacation:
  • It is VERY handy to have grandparents in the car on a long journey.
  • It is VERY handy to have a DVD player and Lighting McQueen in the car on a long journey.
  • My husband does NOT like it when I sigh or inhale quickly due to his driving.
  • He gets annoyed quickly with this.
  • Very quickly.
  • It is VERY helpful if I just don't look at the road.
  • Indiana is a very long, very flat state.
  • Kentucky is beautiful....sans the ticks, black widows, and snakes.  (only one of which I saw)
  • Zoo memberships save a LOT of money at zoos all over the country.
  • I now know the difference between lateral and vertical caves.
  • I am VERY grateful to have lost 40 pounds while in the vertical cave caverns.
  • I am VERY grateful to have more stamina on long days spent walking...and walking....and walking.
  • I can run anywhere, anytime.  It's an exercise I can take with me - very easily.
  • I enjoy gin and tonic's with a lime.
  • It's easier to control gluten free eating when staying at a relative's house.
  • Herbalife shakes saved my arse from a total backslide.
  • Monster cookies are gluten free.
  • Smore's taste sooooo good when using monster cookies instead of graham crackers.
  • Bird feeders are fun to watch.
  • C. and I can come within 50ft. of a HORSE and still maintain a stable breathing pattern!!!
  • Time spent with favorite family members is refreshing for the soul.


ememby said...

Love this list and love that you are back! Happy day!

So, are you allergic or scared of horses, I cannot recall.

Sandy said...

Allergic. Very very allergic.