Thursday, June 2, 2011


I haven't done a "thankful post" in some time.  But lately, I'm just full of gratitude.  Thought I'd share:

  • I'm making strides toward my "secret goal."  I'm finding unconditional support in places I had deemed "unlikely." And I'm finding uh-maze-ing support in places I had expected...but so much better.  I'm loving this for a few reasons: 1) I'm working toward a (hard) goal that I never thought was achievable.  2) People that I had otherwise "written off" are surprising me and being awesome.  3) Allowing myself to trust people is a difficult task for me.  I'm trusting others, and they're meeting (and exceeding) my needs.  It's awesome.
  • I'm going to see my pregnant sister-in-law this weekend!  Shower in the morning (with some of my other favorite people) and grill out at the love shack in the evening.  I'm very excited.
  • My body is sore, but I'm still moving.
  • Even though I currently don't have central air in my house (and never have), I have the promise of air conditioning this year.  Awesomeness.
  • There has been progress on the addition, and I will hopefully have a whole kitchen from which to house-make by the end of summer.
  • D. is trusting me with a hammer and nails in the addition.  Yes, pigs have flown.
  • Texting.  I used to hate it.  But, now it's a lifeline to dear friends during the day.  Love that I don't have to call and make small talk - I can just text my point.  I love that some of the greatest people are only a few key-strokes away.
  • D. doesn't text.  This is fun for me.  His phone receives them, but he doesn't know how to respond, and he doesn't want to learn.  I'm having fun with one-sided conversations that he cannot reciprocate.  For example:  "Would you stop by the store and pick up some milk and cottage cheese on the way home?  If your answer is yes, don't text back."  "Your son just dropped trow in the back yard - in the middle of the back yard. I told him daddy needed to talk to him when he got home.  Thanks for taking care of that for me!"  "Can I go out for wine with the ladies tonight?  You'll be home by 6, right?  I'll take your silence as a 'yes'".
  • My son had a musical last night.  My mom and D's dad came to watch.  A. thought it was so incredible that they came to see him.  He said that it was the "best thing about his day."  C. also loved sitting in the pew with them.
  • Summer is coming!  A. has school through next Wednesday.  I'm excited to see him more, but worried about the challenges of my schedule working from home.  But grateful I can work from home.
  • Life is good, and God wins.


Brittney said...

Hahaha, the texting one is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I am so very amused by the texting one, too! (And I love support!)

mrsmarkdave said...

I do not have texting. Not that I hate it. I just refuse to pay for it. But I like your argument that you don't have to come up with small talk. I might have to reconsider because I hate talking on the phone.
I also love that his grandparents' presence at his musical made his day! I recently went to my niece's band concert for the first time and I hope that it meant something to her.