Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Take me out to the ball game

This spring, we enrolled A. in baseball at the local YMCA.  He's never been in baseball before, so we opted to go to the Y - whose league is a tad more instructional than the others out there.

So far, he's LOVING it!  He has a friend on the team, but all the boys have become very comfortable with each other very quickly. 

Here's A's team, the Red Robins:

I snagged these pictures on picture night by stealthly standing behind the photographer.

Here's some "action" shots:

I LOVE watching A's face get excited when he knows he's about to score.

He's very excited to contribute to the team's score!

Playing first base - in the "ready position"

Playing third base, keeping his eye on the ball.

And just because I like a good laugh, and want you to know that we're not always
"all about business" on the diamond,
here's a few more:

Chewing on his glove:
apparently, I need to feed him a larger dinner on baseball nights

Dancing to the beat of his own drum:

This is baseball code talk for:
Mom, I'm hungry....and I have to pee.

It's amazing in Michigan weather, we're freezing one night, wet the next, and sweltering the next.

But, it's exciting to see that he's passionate about baseball, and he's LOVING working as a team.

I can't wait to see what next season brings!


Anonymous said...

Love the action shots!

Thomas and Jamie said...

OH my gosh - I'm SO glad it's not just my kid that likes to use "hand signals!"

DUTA said...

Great pictures, and your A is going to be a great baseball player. He's 'got it'.