Wednesday, June 22, 2011

When the list items start crossing themselves off.

A few weekends ago - the week before the 5k,
we had a big family weekend.

It seems that one of my list items popped up all impromptu-like...

...and I thought that was pretty darn cool.

Not having to plan (you know, as much as I CAN plan with my type B personality)

to complete a list point.

So...I'm just going to take you through the events of the weekend.
See if you can identify when it pops up.

Saturday AM:  Baby shower for D's baby sister.
Who is now having a baby of her own.

It's a boy!
I'm very excited - I love little boys.

Sorry the picture is dark - darn back lighting!
We gave her a Michigan onsie.

Cause they live in North Carolina now, and I want to make sure
my nephew knows his roots.

This cute little duchess is the younger daughter of a dear friend of mine.
Also very sweet that she is also the sister-in-law of my sister-in-law.
(HA!  Try to figure that one out!)

Poor little F, she kept pouting while I held her.
She's a bit- wee-little -teeny-bit a mama's girl.

My other sister-in-law made this cake!
And my dear friend Kathy made the cupcakes.
Well done, ladies!

Later, we invited the whole gang over to the Love Shack for some family time.
The entire family has not been together since a wedding a few years ago (C. was 6 weeks old).

I made brownie bites topped w/ strawberries.
C. found the biggest strawberry in the world and proceeded to eat it like an apple.

After dinner, the kids were playing with some balls in the yard.
Then, they started to play a game that looked a little a lot like kickball.

So, I popped out of my chair and joined in on the fun.

Before we knew it, more adults than kids were playing.

My team got their heinies kicked.

C. ran the bases every time - without stopping - regardless of whether he kicked the ball or not.

Uncle Mike told him to "stop on the base."

C kept running and said, "I don't want to."

What's that?

You're checking the list?

You found it?

YES!  #35.  Play a game of kickball.
Thank goodness it didn't say "win" a game of kickball.

And since it was the hottest day of the year, and we were all drenched with sweat,
D. decided to fashion a dew rag out of a kitchen towel.

Yep, that's hot.

And since we don't know when we'll be all together again,

we pulled out the cameras and self-timers.

I had to take mine up and down to fit on my picture wall,
but Matt's turned out awesome - and he took it landscape, so we fill the picture better.

But here's the family picture (all of us, in our sweaty glory)
from my camera:


Jolene said...

How fun!!!!! I want to play kickball now!

Anonymous said...

So fun! Great photos (that strawberry was HUGE and the cake adorable). Congrats on marking another one off the list!