Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wordy IS Wednesday, right?!?!? Oh, and some pictures too.

I promise...soon I will get to post more often.

More on that later.

I broke my pinky toe on Sunday.

The boys didn't put the wii fit board away.

After I asked them to do it three times.

Three strikes, you're out, right??? least it bought them three hours of hard labor in the yard.

I think my broken pinky toe is worth my not having to dig out that side yard.  :)

Well, maybe.

It's three days post break and still doesn't bend.

Pinky toes are useless anyway, right?

I once saw a PBS documentary on it.

Apparently, they are not used in balance and are considered the "worthless" toe.

For worthless, it sure does cause a lot of pain.

But enough about my toe.

We are having a lot of fun this summer.

And planning on having a LOT more!

I'm working on correcting some behaviors I'm not liking.

These are some strong willed children I have here.

I have NO IDEA where they get that from.  :)

We are switching up our 4th of July plans this year.

Dave's family typically doesn't deviate from their regularly scheduled programming.

I think he's twitching.

But we'll have a LOT of fun!

My parents are here today to watch the kiddos while I work.

I'm super grateful for them.

Speaking of kiddos:

This sweetie is now EIGHT months old!

This cutie pie is just about a month away from turning SIX!

And this thinker is now officially nine and a HALF
Apparently the half is very important.

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