Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ten Tuesday thoughts...or updates...or snarky snippits...or just whatever.

1.  It is almost August.  I feel like summer just started, and in less than a month it will be over.  I'm feeling jipped.  So instead of lamenting that I only have a few short weeks before we enter the cog of another school year...I'm going to make each moment count.  The calendar is FULL...but there is LOTS of fun to be had.  We have a summer bucket list with MANY things just waiting to be crossed off.  It's my mission to do as much of it as humanly (and financially) possible.  :)

2.  There is a large festival happening in my home town this week.  It's weird to go back as a tourist.  But then...I head somewhere and get stuck behind someone who has NO idea where they're going...and then decides it's ok to stop cold in the middle of a street...and not move for over 2 minutes...then...well, I realize that I'm not THAT much of a tourist.

3.  My friend, Michelle, makes KILLER pickles.  MMMMMMmmmmm. 

4.  I have quite a few recipes (gf!!!) to share with you.  It will just take some patience to get them posted.  Super good.

5.  Ally, the crazy my-fur-would-look-good-as-a-rug dog, is really attention seeking.  I think I need to invest in a shock collar.  With a remote control.  The other day, she was MAD at me...and decided to let me know by peeing.  In my bed.  Comforter, blanket, sheets, and mattress pad all SOAKED.  I didn't realize it until I went to get into bed...and felt cold wetness.  I was so angry.  ANGRY! 

6.  I have a hair appointment on Thursday afternoon.  I can't decide if I'm up for a big change or just a spruce up.  Ideas?

7.  Baby L. is already 9 months old.  C. turns 6 in a few weeks.  I am ready to cry.

8.  I had a quality mullet sighting last night.  I hadn't seen a great one in over a year.  The only thing missing was the camero.  No joke.

9.  I wonder if anyone can learn how to have good character.  Will they always be inappropriate?  Can a really old dog learn new tricks?

10.  We paid our quarterly taxes the other day.  I seriously think the country would be a TOTALLY different place if everyone had to fork over that much money out of their bank account every quarter.  It really makes you think...

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Michelle B said...

I am still smelling garlic from the pickles... yum!