Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Because random is what I do best

Today is Wednesday.

A. is away at camp this week.  This is the longest he's ever been away from me.  I'm sad and happy at the same time. I sent 5 addressed (3 to home and 2 to grandparents), stamped envelopes with him.  I have yet to hear anything from him.  Seriously, kid?  22.5 hours of labor is all I'm sayin'.  No...I'll say one more had a 14 inch head, and you can't even send your mama a note???  Seriously.

C's birthday is coming up.  He's super excited.  I took him through Toys R Us the other day to show me things that interested him.  Few things to note:  The boy has expensive taste, the boy has interesting taste, the boy can listen when he wants to.

You know those measurement strips that some businesses have on their door jambs to show the height of prospective theft suspects???  Well, last Friday, the Little Caesar's door jamb showed that A. grew 3 inches in 4 months.  He is now OVER 5 feet tall.  Astounding.

I could really use a nap.

I'm really kinda over Facebook, the duck face selfies, the iodicy, the vague updates (soliciting the "what's going on" comment), and the drama.  Grow a pair and grow up, people.  Facebook can have a good place, but I believe it's just a tad bit abused.

I also am showing my father's genes here.  I see when people complain about things and I love to exploit their annoyances.  A well placed hashtag makes me giggle.  #hileah   :)

I think I'll always have a special place in my heart for the old guy who sits out front and yells at kids who walk on his lawn.  Grumpy old people warm my heart.  There is something wrong with me.

I seriously hate cats.  Yep...I'm going to use the word "hate" here.  I have absolutely no use for them in my life.  I really wish they didn't exist.  If you're a cat person for the sake of taking care of mice, I'd strongly advise you to get a hawk.  Makes much more sense to me.

There's a festival happening in my home town starting this weekend and going into next weekend.  I used to really dispise the temporary boom in population only because the tourists muddied up the waters and made me late for work.  Now that I am a tourist, I love that week and all it brings (including a visit from my best friend).  I can't wait!

Baby L. is growing more and more everyday.  She has more hair - albiet still translucent, so you can't tell.  She has her 8th tooth...which makes her daddy very happy because now her mouth is symmetrical.  She says "hi" to everything followed by a toothy smile and a crinkled nose.  It is just soooo cute.

We're over half way through summer, and that makes me want to weep.  I now see the benefits of home schooling...but it still doesn't make me want to pitch a tent in that camp....but I can see benefits.

Change.  Change is scary.  Change is necessary.  Change is good, and sometimes bad. 

But God is still God.  And God is still good.

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Anonymous said...

I have many things to say about this, but I'm going to limit myself to the following: According to Liam, the only people we're allowed to hate are robbers because they are the baddest people and I believe I'm going to be a grumpy older person when I am 88 (Jack's favorite number) so I am glad you will still like me.