Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Super crazy random blog post.

I've been a tad MIA in bloggy land as of late.  I have a ton of pictures to update you on...but there are no pictures in this post because I'm either

a) writing this post in a hurry and therefore have no time for downloading or

b) too lazy to grab my camera which is sitting upstairs on the kitchen table.

I'll let you decide that one.  :)

Here's a quick update in our world:

  • It's busy season for my work, and I'm kicking my own bootie to make sure none of my audits go delinquent.  This means busy nights trying to write up reports.

  • Since it's our busy season, the reviewers (actually, one reviewer) is short tempered and snarky.  I want to strangle her.

  • Our water heater broke.  There's NOTHING more I'd want to spend $790 dollars on.  Nothing in this world.

  • I had some blood work done recently.  Got the bill.  $799.  There's nothing more I'd like to spend that much money on.  Nothing in this world.  (Side note:  THANK YOU, Obamacare legislation for totally SCREWING over the small business owners who actually TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for themselves....jerk).

  • We're in decision making time as to whether or not to send C. to young 5's or kindergarten next year.  I hate making decisions like this.

  • I played russian roulette with my gut this weekend at the funeral of my philipino neighbor.  Mmmmmm, philipino food.  So good.  I'm pleased to say that their lumpia was wrapped with rice sheets (not wheat), so my only reaction was to the MSG in the dipping sauce.  (Still unpleasant, but not traumatic). 

  • Mmmmm, lumpia.

  • I'm having a relatively productive afternoon where I'm cruising down my to-do list of things that have been pushed aside for too long.  I'm feeling very happy about this.  However, I'm also thinking that I've forgotten to stick some things on the list, therefore, they're not getting done.  I cannot remember what those things are.  But I can just feel that they're undone.

  • It's unseasonably warm (read: HOT) in Michigan right now.  Our high today was 86.  Two of my friends have travelled to warmer locations to escape Michigan winter.....EAT THAT, L.A. and FLORIDA! 

  • I attended my LAST IEP meeting for A. on Monday.  Last one.  :)  No more speech.  After 6 of them, I'm ready for them to be done.  I'm proud of my A and his good s's.  Way to go, kiddo!
Ok, the boys are begging for a snack, and Ally is making a snack of my coffee table.  I'm out!

Happy Wednesday!


Joy and Randy said...

Isn't life as an adult fun? Sending love and prayers!!

Anonymous said...

I'm playing catch up myself - I've been a very bad blog reader of late... but that's what happens when I'm busy with "real" work :) Alas. Love you!
Stink-o for unexpected expenses, I know how you feel!