Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Sometimes I get into a funk.  Sometimes I feel like life is pulling me in a million different directions when all I want to do is curl up into a ball and take a nap.

So, instead of doing "have to's", I'm trying to do "get to's."

Instead of saying "You want me to do WHAT now?!?!?!"

I'm doing "no" without guilt* or
"what can I rearrange to accommodate this thing I really feel called to help with?"

*ok, so I'm still working on that guilt thing.

So, I'm doing my list today of things I'm grateful for....

1.  Ally.  She's really feeling her oats lately, but she's aiding me in a toy purge.  The boys leave their toys out and their bedroom door open, well....it's all fair game.  8 toys down...a gazillion to go.  Thanks, Ally for being the 'bad guy' here.

2.  A low maintenance husband.  I've been way too busy lately for my own good.  Between our busy season at work, MOPS, school stuff, PTL stuff, and a few friends scattered in, I've been pretty much MIA lately.  He's patient and loving, and holds down the fort while I sit in meetings.  I know his patience will reach a limit (sooner than later), but I'm just glad he has a tolerance level in the first place.  (Love you babe!)

3.  The rain.  Yes, it's been gloomy.  But we're expecting a few steamy days this week and next.  Which means we're in for a VERY green and colorful spring. 

4.  Zyrtec.  See number 3.

5.  C.  Last night he woke at midnight from a nightmare.  I found him sweaty, shaking, screaming and his heart was pounding.  I asked him want he wanted to do (because it was a doozie, I was expecting him to say he wanted to sleep with us).  He replied, "I want to pray."  He proceeded to lead me in the sweetest prayer and asked to sing afterward.  We went through three choruses of "I love you, Lord." Before he was calm enough to sleep again.  So thankful he's starting to "get It."

6.  Budgeting.  Today C and I visited Target and Costco.  We got through BOTH stores in UNDER 2 hours and LESS than $250.  That never happens.  I feel like a budgeting rock star.

7.  Deposits.  Today's payroll deposit has put us less than $4000 way from our goal to start the house.  We're SOOOO close!  It's SO worth it to save up and pay cash!  Everything just feels so much sweeter!  GAH!!!  SO CLOSE!

8.  A.  He's growing into such a sweet patient little boy.  He loves doing anything dad does, but he's also so protective of me.  I had a meeting last night (big surprise), and we were in the middle of inclement weather.  He laid awake in bed until I came home to kiss him goodnight (way past his bed time by 2 hours).  By the time I left his room saying "goodnight," he was already cashed out.  My poor tired boy was worried about his mama.

9.  Sunny days.  Perfect for walking a high-energy short-haired puppy.  And getting some vitamin D.  Naturally.

10.  My parents.  Last weekend, my mom was recognized for 35 years in ministry.  We couldn't be there on Sunday morning (obligations at our own church), but thankfully her church has a Saturday night service that we were able to attend.  My dad has always been very supportive of her ministry. I'm grateful for that example.

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Big Fat Gini said...

Always nice to take a few minutes and be thankful for what you've got! And, I always discover afterward that I feel tons better and have a more positive outlook!

mrsmarkdave said...

#5 brought a tear to my eye. Awesome that he has the faith to know that God is his comforter.

#7 - HOORAY! I'm so happy for you. That is such exciting news!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for thankfulness and being grateful - I'm thankful for you, my friend!

Mama M. said...

Your story about sweet C and wanting to pray brought tears to my eyes...what a precious little man!

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Really beautiful post! I think that it's so vital to step back sometimes and look at all the ways that we've been truly blessed in the small things. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

Sew Fun Design said...

If we took time most days we could come up with 10+ things to be thankful for.