Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Panera Bread, eat your heart out....

I've been gluten free for over 2 1/2 years now.

At first it was a horrible challenge.

I was resentful to everyone who could eat it.

To those that that thought I was doing this as a fad.

Then I learned to ignore the nay-sayers,

And love the supporters,

And...well, just embrace my new life with food.

It's been a blessing.

And I've been able to help quite a few people with support.

And pointers.

And encouragement.

And recipes.

So, I'm glad to be able to give back.

There's a gfree bakery in town.

I stopped there to pick up some pizza crust one Friday,

And saw some foccacia bread.

Then I remembered how much I miss sandwiches.

Particularly ones from Panera Bread.

Paired with a strawberry salad.


So, I grabbed the bread.

And on Sunday after church, I indulged myself a sandwich for lunch.

Complete with garlic aioli dressing left over from sweet potato fries.

At first, D couldn't wrap his brain over why I would want to take a picture of a sandwich....

...then he asked "When's the last time you had a sandwich?"

To which I replied, "One that I enjoyed as much as I'm about to enjoy this?"

Answer:  Over 2 1/2 years ago.

Mmmmm, sandwich.


Kim said...

Hey - I live in Kentwood and wondered what the name of the bakery was. I've bought some Coco Charlotte items at Forest Hills Foods before and liked it, and didn't know if that was the bakery (never actually been there). I haven't had a sandwich in about 5 years and yours looks awesome! Thanks! Kim

Anonymous said...

The joy of a gluten free sandwich - you still amaze me with how you do it! Way to go!