Thursday, March 22, 2012

Catching up (with pictures, this time)

I spent some time over this past week reconnecting with friends. 

Chit chatting, catching up....

It's healing balm.

I so love my friends.

But I have some blogging catch-up to play with you, my bloggy friends.'s my first installment:

Junior Basketball

This year it was a family affair.

D. coached A's team.

And (by an awesome fluke) C was allowed to play with the kindergartners!

They had one extra spot on a team, and I thought I wasn't going to be around on a specific Friday night.

I was brainstorming with some moms after school about having a youth watch C.
at basketball when the head of it said, "Just put him on the team...we have an extra t-shirt and everything."

Oh, how he loved being one of the "big kids!"

When I surprised him with the t-shirt, he puffed out his chest and had a smile on his face that said,


It was the cutest moment.'s some pics:

This first pic has nothing at all to do with the hottie coach who is bent over.

It has everything to do with the fact that I feel the need to remind you
that stretching is imperative before running.

It's a public service, really.

Yes, you're welcome.

Ladies, if you totally want to swoon at your husband,
encourage him to coach kids basketball.'s adorable.
And cute...

and I totally swoon.

a few action pics:

A going for the shot

C "dribbling" the ball.

Team shots

C looks so itty bitty here :)

The kid to the right of A. is the tallest kid in 3rd grade.

(reminder: A is in 2nd.  Tall boy.)

Brother shot!

A few busy Friday nights in the winter
translate into great family memories
for years to come. 

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