Friday, March 2, 2012


Friday, Friday.  What a week.

I'm exhausted.  In every sense of the word. 

On the plus side, D is taking the boys to basketball by himself tonight so I can have a fun fondue night with my friends.  Just what this lady needs.  :)

Ok...let's answer some questions, shall we?

1. Where is your favorite vacation spot and why?

I'm not exactly what you would call a "seasoned traveler" only because I don't go on a vacation every year.  The places I've been to are probably my favorites because of the people I was with and the memories I've created there.

My ultimate favorite was Europe.  Specifically the Rhine river cruise we took and we saw so much of the beautiful German countryside.  It was gorgeous, and probably one of the most relaxing days of our 2 week tour of Europe.  I loved loved loved it, and I loved that D was there with me.

2. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

Does blogging count?  It's strangely therapeutic.

Or going out with my friends.  Or chocolate.

Or a massage.

Any of those will work.  :)

3. What is your favorite fashion trend right now? Or, in the past?

Ugh...I'm not a fan of this question.

Honestly, I don't consider myself a trendy person.  I don't follow trends because I "want to be like eveyrone else."  I just want to be me.  IF there's something in the store that works for me, my body type, my wallet, and my personality...and IF it happens to be a trend, well....that's fine.

But I don't scour magazine ads or watch fashion articles just to "fit in."  I consider that a waste of time.

I do like my chandelier earrings, though.  I'm told that those are "in" right now.  But, chances are if I like them now, I'll like them forever...and will continue to wear them even after they're considered "cool." 

And I'm perfectly ok with that.

4. What are your spring break plans?

Work.  Work. Work.

And spend some awesome quality time with the boys. home.

5. What baby names do you hate?
Is this a trick question?!?!?    What if there are names I hate that are names of my friend's kids who I'm not sure if they read the blog or not....GAH.
Actually, I really don't hate any names...because they belong to precious human beings, who are worthy of respect and admiration.  And just because I'm not a fan of names doesn't mean that they are bad names....they're just not my favorite.
So...a few names that aren't my particular favorite: 
1.  Any boy's name that ends with "-den".  Only because there's a TON of them out there for the last 5 years or so, and the name is saturated.  Our Dr. office actually THANKED me for naming my kids "regular names" because it was getting very confusing in their office.  I know this category includes my nephew and my friend's child, and those boys are very precious....just not the name for me.
2.  And name that I need to ask "how do you spell it?"  If it's hard to figure out how to pronounce with just phoenics, don't name your kid that!  Kindergarten is hard enough.

BUT, naming your child is your porogative.  I mean no offense to anyone.  I promise.


Sarann said...

Great list, I totally agree with you on #3-5! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oooh - good point on the hard to spell names, though people seem to have issues spelling and pronouncing Liam (my favorite are the people who pronounce it "lame" because, I yes, I named my child lame and just decided to spell it differently).

mrsmarkdave said...

Ditto to your answer to #3. I'm glad I'm not alone.

Mama M. said...

How are sweet girl? Been thinking about you!
I also wanted to add into my "names I hate" any girl's name that ends in 'i'...I remember reading somewhere that it's like the stripper version of the name that ends in 'y'. Weird name hang's a good thing we all get to name our own kids, right?! ;)

AMY said...

I totally agree on the hard to pronounce/spell names. Poor kids in Kinder have a super hard time. I work in an Elem. school and have seen this first hand.
I'm a new follower.
Amy's Life

Keri said...

So- should I tell you that my latest consideration for baby's name ends with "-den"? :) I totally agree, though- my biggest hesitation is that I know those names are all over right now. I kind of wish someone else could just name this baby!

Tettelestai said...

No, blogging is very therapeutic ;-)

I have to agree with the kids' names. It's rough on kids too when they have to defend their names.