Thursday, March 29, 2012

In terms of search....

Blogger has a new cute little "stats" button on the dashboard.  I can see who is reading my blog.  From which country, which site they're coming from, what they're reading it on, etc.

So, hello to Japan, France, Canada, Slovenia, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, India, and Malaysia!

I can also see what kind of search brings people to this blog.  Some of them made me laugh....I thought I'd share:

1.  elmo fuzzy chair.  No doubt in reference to this post.  ((shudder)).  On a separate note:  there was a bat in the Love Shack yesterday.  C. went over there in search of an empty box to create a "project", and noticed some stuff in it.  He flipped it upside down to dump everything out, and out drops a hissing bat.  Scared my little guy half to death.  Thank goodness he didn't touch it.

2.  herbalife pamphlets.  I'm not sure why this brought up my blog, but I do take Herbalife supplements, drink the isolated soy protein shakes, and I do talk about it.  However, I'm not handing out pamphlets.  Hmmmm.

3.  Disney on Ice finding Nemo.  Probably in reference to this post.  That was a special day for the boys!  They loved it!  If you're searching for Finding Nemo on Ice, I strongly recommend going.

4.  Boy holey sock school.  I'm not sure where the search engine brought them.  However, we have a plethora of holey socks in the house.  And they're just waiting to be matched up with their partners and put away.  Anyone want to come over and help?

4.  If you searched this, then I love you.  I am totally humbled that someone went in search of my personal blog.  Thank you for reading. 

5.  Family closet.  I'm sure that this person went in search of the whole family organization keep-everyone's-clothes-in-one-closet kind of idea.  And instead saw Love Shack demo.  :)  Sorry, searcher.

6.  Hedgie Jan Brett.  Get the book.  It's one of our favorites.  I love Jan Brett's children's books.  So do the boys.

7.  Inside of a cave from the bottom.  Perhaps they landed on our vacation pics from last year?  That was a FANTASTIC vacation!  Heck, it was a fantastic summer.  Lots of memories were made.

8.  Malavastop.  Also known in our house as the "shiny stuff" that we put on C's thumb to discourage him from sucking it.  It's inexpensive, and effective.  Warning:  don't get that stuff on your own fingers!  It's really does taste nasty.

9.  One dollar craft.  Hmmmm, I can't really think what specific post it would bring you to, but I am thrifty....and I am there's probably a post in there somewhere.

10.  Zero the hero.  Ha!  Another "psych, this isn't what you think it is" post.  These searchers are more than likely educators in search of a zero the hero day activity, and they got a summary of A's 6th birthday party.  Oops....sorry guys.  Perhaps you'd also like some pointers for hosting a birthday party in the dead of winter for under $100?  If so, read on.  :)

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Anonymous said...

Love this - isn't it hilarious to find out what people were searching for... so specific and so strange :) "Inside of a cave from the bottom" is my favorite. And a bat... in your house recently, I might not be able to come visit for a while ;)