Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Questions in need of advice

Few questions that I'm soliciting for advice...

1.  A. said this morning that his stomach hurt.  Not pukey, not #3 stuff, it just hurt.  I made him go to school (because I had to meet an inspector at 8, and it was my turn for the carpool).  I saw him after chapel this morning, and he was still complaining of a stomach ache.  We gave him some crackers and took his temp (no temp), and I offered to bring him home.  He said he wanted to stay - even though he wasn't feeling the best. Should I have made him come home?

2.  I signed A. up for a kid's marathon.  They run 1 mile every other day until Oct. 16.  Then on that morning, they all get together and run the last 1.2 miles.  He started out strong, and now is crying every time I tell him its time to run.  He wants to be done with it.  We're on mile 17.  Should I let him quit, or do I push him to finish.

3.  I have lost my running mojo.  Honestly, I have no desire to start again.  But I know its good for my body and my brain.  I know that my body needs exercise to loose weight (learned by trial and error over the years).  Do I just power through or give it up?

4.  I have my fancy new camera.  I love love love it.  Every time I pull it out to take pictures I feel all happy and butterfly-ish in my stomach.  I love it!  Now....what to do with this kind of passion?

5.  I'm tired.  Do I work or do I nap?  Wait...I already know the answer to this question.  Sleep will have to wait.


Anonymous said...

Here's my serious advice to rhetorical questions:

#1 - Staying at school is okay, because he said he wanted to - he's old enough to know his limits.
#2 - Make him do it because while he's old enough, he has no idea how great the success will feel on this one - but in this case, you do know better.
#3 - Power through! Or change it up and do something else and then circle back to running in the spring.
#4 - Take pictures every day and find a class to take to learn more.
#5 - You're a smart girl ;)

Mama M. said...

1. Okay
2. Push him, he'll be proud when he's done. But you'll need a drink. ;)
3. Power through. Then come give me that same advice that I just gave you.
4. Snap, snap, snap away. And POST YOUR PHOTOS!!!
5. Nap. Of course. You answered wrong.

mrsmarkdave said...

#1 - no. You did the right thing by letting him stay. If he felt bad enough to come home, he would've.

#2 - DO. NOT. LET. HIM. QUIT. By making him stick with it, you're teaching him the importance of keeping commitments. (And I speak from experience. My mom never let me quit anything, and now I'm thankful.)

#3 - Power through. If you're going to make your kid do it, then you need to be an example. HOWEVER, I will say this - running can be hard on your body. So, if it's hurting your knees or hips or whatever then maybe you need to resort to power walking instead.

#4 - I'm not sure. My friend was kind of in the same boat that you are in. So, she took up taking pictures for people. It's definitely her gift, and she really enjoys it. It is time consuming, though. I'll share her website with you so you can see what she does.

#5 - This depends on what kind of a person you are. My friend will lay down and take a nap and sleep for hours. Me? I sometimes can't even function until I nap. But, I can absolutely never ever sleep for more than 15 minutes. My body just wakes right up. And those cat naps really help. So, if you can do that, I would say nap. If you are the hours-at-a-time-napper, I'd say work.

Kathy said...

I agree with what the others have posted. Have you asked A why he doesn't want to run? Is it physically hurting him or is just boring to him and he doesn't want to do it? Let's face it, running isn't the most exciting thing in the world. Can you change his focus? Like give him a prayer to say while he's running (if he doesn't already). I think you should make him continue unless it's physically causing him pain, he will feel really good about himself when he accomplishes the marathon. Parenting sure is hard sometimes. Hugs!