Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm about due for a random post, right?

I usually do a Random Friday List with the 5QF post, but I didn't do one last Friday.  I was brain dead.

There's stuff on my I thought I'd do the Random Friday List today...on a Wednesday.  I'm a rebel.  :)

1.  While I work (I work from home), I ususally have the tv on in the back ground.  I don't know how Maury ended up on my television, but this paternity stuff?  Rediculous.  First....all these "kids" cheating on each other?  Not knowing who the father of their child is?  These marriages ending?  Unbelievable.  Their moms must be so proud.  Just makes my heart hurt.

2.  My annoying facebook post sure had a lot of people complaining and agreeing with me!  I feel so vindicated.  :)  (And if you're wondering if it's you that I was referring're wrong.  The people I referred to in the post have no idea I have a blog.  And if they do know I have a blog, they're too wrapped up in their own life to wonder what someone else has to say.  Not saying it snotty....just truthful. )

3.  We got our 1/4 cow today.  We found a place that will give us the meat for cheaper.  (like 20% cheaper).  Our old supplier called Dave yesterday and said he has a cow ready to go, and wanted to know if we were interested.  Made me feel bad for him.  :(  His meat is tasty.  Hope this meat is just as good.  I'm trying to stay away from chicken (long story for another post), so having a freezer full of grass-fed beef is beneficial.

4.  Last week C. threw up in Costco.  It was an isolated incident....not sure what was going on.  But the cart was full of stuff....and then full of yuck.  I brought the cart to an employee and said, "I can help you clean it, but if he's anything like his brother, he'll be making more of a mess in about 20 minutes."  She said, "I'm a mom...just go take care of business."  Only another mother could take that on and understand my dilema.  I'm forever grateful.  Wish I remembered her name so I could send a "you've got a great employee" report to the store.

5.  I'm learning how to can and preserve food.  I'm enjoying spending extra time with my mom in the kitchen, and it's fun to remember those days of my childhood when I watched her can foods, but didn't quite get it.  I love knowing how the food was grown, what was used in the dirt and water, how it's preserved, and what chemicals (If any) I'm injesting.  I really want to keep my food as clean as possible, and have started purchasing organic foods in the store.  It's a hit to the grocery budget....but we feel better, and that's what matters, right?

6.  MOPS starts tomorrow.  I'm unbelievably grateful that I'm not on steering team this year.  I am serving as a table leader, but that's not as time intensive.  I'm excited, though, because the ladies on the steering team are incredible.  Looks like a fun year.  Sad that it's my last year in MOPS, though.  We'll just have to reconnect at random Mangiammo's dinners.  :)

7.  D. and I really want to go to a U of M game at the Big House sometime this season.  The tickets are mucho expensivo, and not in the budget.  Perhaps we will have to settle for the televised/radio games.  Go Blue!

8.  I just made an entire batch of "Uncle Jeff's pancakes" at lunch time today.  They weren't for lunch.  They're for breakfast tomorrow for the boys.  They've been asking for pancakes all week, but I'm not a morning person.  So, the only thing I can manage in the morning is a "mmmmmffffffff huh?"  This morning I had a second grader in tears because he wanted Uncle Jeff's pancakes.  Since tomorrow morning is a MOPS morning, and it will take all my morning strength to blow dry my hair, I chose to make them in advance.

9.  I think we've passed the adrenaline rush part of the first of the school year.  Now, we're into the "ugh, I'm tired" portion.  Dear schedule, Go easy on me.  M'kay?  Thanks!

10.  C. started soccer yesterday at the YMCA.  So far, he's loving it....and he's actually quite skilled.  I had no clue that atleticism can be a natural-born skill.  Obviously, this prooves that I am not a natural born athlete.

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Sarann said...

I'm thinking it's one of those Wednesdays, and I'm due for a good random brain dump post too, now to find the time.
On your #1, I would take those shows with a grain of salt, yes there are crazy people out there who are for real, but when I was in college I met some students that got together and fabricated a whole crazy (and untrue) story just to get on one of those talk shows. They paid them money and flew them to where ever it was filmed, so there is incentive to be stupid, or at least pretend to be stupid.