Friday, September 23, 2011


1. Dream job...realistic and completely unrealistic.

Realistic- I'm not sure what I'd love to do that's within reach.  I'm a dreamer, and I dream big...not realistic.  I'd like to own my own business - so I don't have to worry about pleasing my boss or meeting quotas someone else set for me.  I'd like to have control over setting my own goals and pleasing myself with my work.

Unrealistic-  I'd love to travel the world photographing interesting sites and people.  I once saw this picture of a wall cloud over water- the other half of the sky was an incredible salmon pink.  It was awe-some.  I could only imagine what that photographer was thinking and feeling at that moment in time.  Seriously - amazing.

2. Do you fart in front of your significant other?

Why, yes I do.  Only he doesn't know I fart in front of him until a little bit after I've let it slip.  You see, I specialize in the SBD* variety of flatulance.  Having gastrointestinal issues automatically puts me into this category.    Knowing this, I usually try to hold it in until it forces its way out....then all I say is, "Hey...I'm sorry."  This is warning enough to let him know to evacuate the immediate area.  However, this is extrememly problematic when in the car.

*Silent But Deadly

3. What's the furthest you've ever traveled from home? How far and where was it?

In June 2000, Dave and I went to Europe with my family.  My brother was stationed in Germany with his wife and son, so we went to visit, and my parents were generous enough to bring my boyfriend along.  It was an amazing trip - one I still remember like it was yesterday.

The worst part about the trip- the airplan rides.  On the way there, D and I were stuck in an aisle right in front of the emergency exit.  Meaning our seats didn't recline.  You would think that 2" wouldn't make much of a difference, but when they CRAM 3 rows infront of the exit- when there's really only room for 2 1/2...well, that made it just a tad cramped.  A lot cramped.  We were travelling essentially overnight...there just wasn't enough room to move and get comfortable.  The way back, I was in the center of the plane.  Roomier seats, but everytime the plane pitched, I felt sick.

Other than that, it was an amazing trip!  I saw the most beautiful countryside.  Realized that France isn't really all it's cracked up to be.  Speaking of farting- ask me sometime about my BROTHER farting the most GASTLY fart in the elevator on the Eiffel Tower.  Seriously.... 

 Give me the European countryside.

4. How do you celebrate birthday for your kids? Family only or friends? ... Alternate for those without kiddos: How did you celebrate birthdays as a kid?

We do big parties for 1, 5, and 10.  The first birthday is lost of family, the 5th and 10th will be friend parties.  All others are grandmas and grandpas.  We really aren't the type of family that needs to celebrate in mass quantities.  Plus, the boys have every toy imaginable....why invite people over to bring more toys?!?!?

My birthdays were a good mix of friends and family.  My brother and I each had one large off-site birthday party (mine was at a roller rink, Dan's was at a bowling alley).  I think my mom did a really good job of making the others special with having grandmas over.

5. Fave thing about fall?

Seriously, what's NOT to like?  Chilly air, long sleve shirts, best veggies, apple cider, pumpkins, crispy leaves....seriously.....I love ALL of fall.


Anonymous said...

I, too, specialize in the SBD variety of toots (windies, as my mom used to call them).

Photography would be so awesome!

Josanne said...

Your idea of traveling the world sounds wonderful! My brother has become quite talented with his camera, and my daughter is also rather talented with the lens-when I think of such pictures as you mentioned, it makes me think of how my brother would love to catch a shot like that! (My daughter is more into people pictures.)
The world has so much beauty out there! That really would be an amazing "job"!
Have a nice weekend!

Mama M. said...

So, tell me about this epic fart of your brothers...
I love that you talk about your SBD husband gets so irritated, he tells me mine smell "sweet"! As in, "My sh** don't stink"! ;)