Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Cleaning: *the* bag

Lately I've had a bug up my butt.

Not literally, more figuratively.

Cause literally would be grody.

I have this urge to clean, organize, and purge.

Now, for someone who is NOT AT ALL TYPE A,
these moods don't come along more than once or twice a year.

When I get like this, my husband (who is very much type A) smiles wide and lets me do my thing.

So...each day I'm trying to do one thing that helps simplify,
clean and organize my house, life, or whatever.

Then, last week I had a friend email me about a prayer request. 

She had an eye infection that was apparently pretty bad.

Her Dr. told her that it was likely from make-up that had been contaminated.

She was wondering how its possible to have contaminated make-up when she hasn't purchased any new make-up in over 3 years.
(She assumed the contamination came from the manufacturing....heh)

Which got me thinking...

...I have make up that's 2 years old.

....I have make up that's 3 years old.

...I have concealer that's 6 years old.

...and I have a tiny nub of lipstick left in the stick that I wore.....for my wedding9 1/2 years ago.

So, I hauled out my bag

I decided to go through everything.

If I couldn't remember purchasing it, it was pitched. 
If I could, and it was older than last fall, it was pitched.

I was left with mascara, pressed Aveda powder and smokey eyeshadow.

Not quite the day look I was going for.

So...I have to say that I've been hoarding some Target gift cards for the past few months.

I received some as "addition-warming" gifts, I won a $50 gift card from the other blog I work for (comment contest), and I won another one on a local blog.

So, away we went.

I love me some Target.
(not a paid advertisement...just appreciate my bi-monthly trip)

I found the most serene print for over our couch.
(I thought it was only fitting to use the addition-warming money on the addition)

Then, I replaced my food processor as I cracked shattered the food cup and burned out the motor in a matter of 10 minutes the other day.  That thing gets a lot of use in our house, and the 2 days without it was rough. 

Then, I had money left over.

So, we headed to the make up dept.

Since I just got my colors done, I knew exactly what I was looking for.  It really made decision making easy.

Between cheaper prices, coupons and sales (and a mis-marked item that earned me 11.09 back!),
I made a steal.
I even "splurged" and purchased some new brushes.

elf cosmetics are a Target brand, and are totally affordable. 

I've tried their stuff before on recommendation from my friend Sarah M.,
and really liked the quality and affordability!
So, more brushes too!

Now, my bag looks like this:

Now I can zip it!

And I can be sure that my make up is clean and uncontaminated!

Hopefully this spring cleaning streak sticks around a while.


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

I need to go through my make-up. I am sure some of it is really old. I did not know that about the elf cosmetics. I will have to give it a try.

Mama M. said...

Can you come over to my house and help me get my own "Not at all Type A" butt into gear? Pretty please?

Anonymous said...

I might have to follow your lead - because there is some stuff in my makeup drawer that was moved to this house that I have lived in for 8 years - yikes!
PS - the first three lines made me laugh out loud!