Thursday, June 12, 2014

Yup, he said that. (Yesterday)

I'm LOVING summer!
The lazy days....the lack of morning rush.
Yesterday we had two things on our to-do list:
1.  Start the library reading program
2.  Run to Meijer to pick up a few items for our entertaining this week
So, we played a lot of the morning.
Then, we decided that we were getting bored and needed a change of scenery.
I changed Baby L's diaper, grabbed some cash from the envelopes, and packed up the diaper bag.
Off to the library we went.
We were in the library for a total of 20 minutes when I noticed a puddle pooling under where Baby L was sitting.
Uh oh.
She had pee'd through her diaper.
Her shorts were soaked.
(Super sad- because the outfit she was wearing was ADORABLE!)
So, I put the boys on task to check out their books (with their own NEW library cards)
and off we went.
I changed Baby L in the car (3rd child...I don't care where I change her)
and kept her shorts off.
I must have had a scowl on my face because C chimed in,
"Mom, what's wrong?"
"Well, I needed to run to Meijer.  I need some ingredients for dinner tonight and others for a dessert for book club and I also need some yard bug repellant so I can spray it tonight in order for it to dry before we have kids over on Friday.  Baby L's shorts are drenched, so I can't put them back on her.  She only has a diaper on.  We can't take her into Meijer like this."
A:  "Like what?"
Me: " Well, she only has a shirt and diaper on.  She has no pants on."
A: "Well, can't we just go to Wal Mart, then?"


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