Monday, June 16, 2014

Counting Mine {305-320}

305.  This blog post.  Read it.  Really.  It pulled me out of a pit of self-loathing.

306.  The Laid Back Book Club.  Reading books outside my normal genre, and loving them!

307.  The warm fuzzy inside of a sweatshirt after coming in from a cold water balloon fight.

308.  Friend's visits.  And Friend's kid's visits. 

309.  Meetings of the middle-child society.  (Taco)

310.  Smart Pop Popcorn:   the new white cheddar flavor.  Mmmmmm

311.  Laughing at Pintrest fails.

312.  Grandparents who hang onto their RV just because their grandkids LOVE camping with them.

313.  Fun new fonts.

314.  Having a talk you needed to have with a friend who knows you better than you know yourself.

315.  Ruth 1:16

316.  Accidentally purchasing fat free cream cheese; and the recipe turns out ok anyway.

317.  Hope.

318.  People who are willing to stick it out during the hard parts. Running is easy.  Hanging tough takes courage.

319.  Fiesta- ware (in superb condition) found at a garage sale for $2!!!

320.  A baby who sings "I am Jesus' little lamb" with me every nap and bedtime. Melt my heart!

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