Sunday, June 1, 2014

Counting Mine {276-294}

It's been a while since I posted one of these.  I've missed them.  So, here goes:

276.  Allergy meds

277.  Sandals with arch support

278.  A grandma that my kids adore- and one that babysit.

279.  An almost completed deck!

280.  A good group picture.

281.  Sunshine.

282. and the hours of inspiration it gives.

283.  Simplifying. 

284.  Opi's fun nail polish names.  (My current favorite "AmazON....AmazOFF)

285.  A Sex and the City Marathon

286.  Make-up primer.

287.  Citronella

288.  Vodka Tonics

289.  Pretending to live at Barb's house for 5 minutes.

290.  Graduation parties.

291.  When C. hears sirens on the road and reminds me to start to pray.

292.  Sending Manic May into the "past."

293.  The promise of play dates, picnics and fun.

294.  Being the "prepared mom" who has an emergency kit in her car (Thanks MOPS craft day!)

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