Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The end of an era....a really, really LONG era.

We've lived in the Love Shack for 9 years now.
One year short of a decade.
At the Love Shack.
We hopped in our Chrysler and moved our possessions into a
teeny 780 sq ft. one-bedroom
We've had two building permits during that time.
Building the addition,
and building the addition on the addition.
This has added up to over 5 years with a Building Permit sitting in my front window.
Both of them have weathered winters,
you name it.
They sit crumple in the front window.
That is...until today.
We had our FINAL inspection of the Love Shack!
We've passed with flying colors....
(was there ever any doubt?!?!?)
Lest you think that we're done, done with the Love Shack,
I'll post a few in-progress pictures:
My kitchen:

And the front of the house:

Most of the addition on the addition remains largely unfinished.
We completed the deck because this completes the structural portion of our building permit.
(Turns out you don't need the finishes done before you can call is "useful space" and pay full property taxes on it....)

So, today...I bid a fond farewell.
To the piece of paper that served me with hope when I first received and paid for it.
To the inspectors who always complimented my OCD husband's meticulous work.
To the township office who was patient with us when there was no progress on the house.
To the piece of paper that has graced my front window.
To not being able to open the window because the paper would fall out and disintegrate.

Adios permit!


Joy and Randy said...

Wahoo! What a wonderful day!!! :)

Joy and Randy said...

Wahoo! What a wonderful day!!! :)

Debbie Pierce said...

That is amazing news! Congratulations