Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A post of malarky

This is a random post to end all random posts.  Because I feel as though I should post has been almost a week since my last post.

  • I had all these awesome pictures to share with you, but apparently, blogger says I'm out of space.  Which is funny- because when I click on "add more space," it says I'm only using 77% of available space.  Hmmmmm....  And, no, I'm not going to spend money for more space.  So, until I figure out a way around it- no pictures, you will get.

  • I had an awesome Thanksgiving.  Almost everything at the table was gf, and I had a FANTASTIC and desperately needed looooooooooong nap afterward.

  • No, Baby L does not sleep great.  Yes, I am tired.  And I'm still working.  And I have two other kids to take care of and love on.  And I am overextended.  But, I'm working on that.

  • Thanks to cyber Monday, I have a nice dent in my Christmas shopping done.  I'm hoping to put a bigger dent in that very soon.

  • There is a horrible stomach bug going around my basic geographic area.  I'm freaked out by it.  I think it should be illegal for people (entire households, really) with newborns to get a stomach bug....or any bug for that matter.  Isn't having a newborn enough?!?!?

  • We are having our family pictures taken this weekend.  I'm excited to see my friend, Stephenie, again...but also looking forward to getting some updated family pics now that Baby L is in the picture.  (Yes, pun totally intended :)

  • I know that there are certain people in this world that think breastfeeding is the ONLY way to go with infants.  And there are some people who try to help and offer pointers.  Believe me, I have called THREE different lactation consultants....I have pumped, I have taken herbal supplements (which, turns out I am allergic to!!!), I have nursed her every hour, I have had a beer, I have sat under a hot shower....yep....I'm doing it.  And I'm still not making enough milk to support my little baby girl.  So, I'm supplementing.  Some judgers are just going to have to get over it.

  • I have three thank you notes to write before I'm done with thank you notes from L's birth.  Three.  You'd think I could sit and just write them out, eh?  Nope....I'm procrastinating.  For what reason, I don't know.  Slackers unite!

  • I'm desperate to get baby L. on a schedule!  I hate never knowing what the day will bring, and when I can run errands, chill out, or take a nap.  I need schedules.  Unfortunately, with an itty bitty baby....there are no predictable time tables- yet.

  • Funny story:  I called today to get a refill on C's Albuterol Nebulizer prescription.  The nurse called back and stated that there is NO record of C having a nebulizer prescribed in his chart (which he has had since 18 months old, and has had at least 2 refills prescribed to him by his Dr.- as well as 3 ER visits all with MORE albuterol prescriptions).'s going to take 2 business days to get our refill- since it's not in his chart.  HOWEVER, while I was on the phone, the friendly little nurse reminded me that C was due for an asthma checkup.  Ummmm, wha?  You have him due for an asthma check up because it's severe enough to be seen often in the office, BUT they have NO RECORD of the medicine we use to treat his asthma?!?!?!  Seriously? 

  • Anyway, here's your random post.  I'm off to bed.  :)


Kathy said...

Love you darlin'. Hugs! :)

Sarann said...

Don't sweat the supplementing. I did with both of my kids at the hospital, with Austin because he was so big and hungry, and Katy because she was so tiny and dropping weight too quickly so we gave them both formula until my milk came in and was established. I think people need to relax about it and be more supportive.

Mama M. said...

Thyroid levels normal? No chance of retained placenta from that awful delivery? Both can cause low milk supply...maybe you've already been told, but thought I'd mention it!
The most important thing? To feed a baby enough to thrive...whether that's with breast milk or formula!
Have you tried swaddle pods? My sister in law swears by it. I kind of want one for myself.
Glad you had an awesome Thanksgiving...I was fighting aforementioned stomach bug. blech.

Mama M. said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention...I wonder if Blogger changed something, that "reached max amount" just happened to me, another Twitter friend, and now you. Odd.
Anyway, go to Flickr, upload your pics there, then grab the html for it and paste it into your post. Voila...workaround, BOOM. :)

TheTravellingTrio said...

Don't feel bad about the breast feeding/supplementing. That us how I had to do it with our son. I would give him 2 bottles of formula per day and nurse for all remaining feeds. I was able to nurse him until 9 months so I think we did ok.

Anonymous said...

Judgers can just take a long walk off a short dock. :)

Love random lists!