Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ten on Tuesday- Thanksgiving week

1.  C. is sick now.  A. brought a cold into the house, and Dave and I have been waiting for it to get passed.  A. started getting better, and we *thought* we were home free....then C. starts coughing...and wheezing...and ugh.  Thankfully, Dave had really tuned ears the other night and heard the start of an asthma attack over the monitor.  He grabbed C and we got some neb treatments and steam room time before it got too bad.  (After getting our $1300 bill for C's last asthma/ croup attack, we were grateful we didn't have to call 911 or go to the ER again!!!).  Thankfully, he had a good night last night, and we'll be moving him back up to his own bed tonight.  :)

2.  Unfortunately, Baby L. is now stuffy, and refuses to sleep on her back.  Well, she'll sleep, but then she chokes on her snot.  So, I'm either holding her, or she's in her car seat propped up.  Ugh...I hate cold and flu season.

3.  I have ZERO plans for going Christmas shopping this weekend.

4.  I have ZERO Christmas presents purchased.  I have NO IDEA when I'll be able to go shopping.  Most days, I'm just happy to get a shower.

5.  Do you think my Dr. will notice if I choose not to make a post partum appointment?  I just really don't want anyone fiddling around "down there."  It makes me ornery to think about.  I know, I know....given the horrible birthing experience, I know I need to go get checked out.  Thankfully, the Dr. that delivered Baby L also delivered C.  My post partum appointment with him was 18 minutes.  That's EIGHTEEN minutes from the time I got out of my car to the time I got back in my car.  Fastest check up ever.  At least there's that.

6.  Dave and I have a quickly filling calendar for this month and next.  Seriously....it's getting jammed.  I just realized that I haven't set any time aside for celebrating A's birthday.  Mom guilt:  it's a b*tch.

7.  I'm swearing.  Or implying swear words.  This is indicative that I need a nap.  Desperately.

8.  I got a hair cut.  I went to a new place since my regular lady is now at a salon I refuse to go to.  I'm usually a crab when other people besides my regular lady touches my hair...but I must say that I was pleasantly surprised, and now have about 4" less of hair.

9.  I still cannot find half of my before-pregnancy clothes.  I have no idea where to look now.  But I know I'm missing at least 5 pairs of jeans and all (except for 4) of my everyday shirts.  I'm frustrated by this.

10.  Weigh in over the weekend!  I have 7 pounds left before I'm at pre-pregnancy weight!  Whoot!

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Big Fat Gini said...

It seems like we've gotten every single illness that's been going around so far this year. I just got over a stomach virus and now I can feel myself getting sick again.

Go to your appointment. I know that it seems like an icky chore, but your health is nothing to mess around with. Good luck!

Yay for being so close to pre-pregnancy weight! Hope y'all have a quiet and laid back Thanksgiving!