Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Things I learned during deer hunting season

I realize that this post would have been a tad more applicable a few weeks ago...but hey...better late than never, right?

So, here's the top ten things I learned during deer hunting season:

1.  Fondue nights are awesome with fun friends.  And laughter.  And wine.  And Ticket to Ride.  And victory.  And lots of yummy yummy food.

2.  I've seen just about every chick flick I wanted to see before hunting season.  Next year:  save a few for that weekend- it will make the time alone something to look forward to.

3.  I enjoy teasing my husband and pushing his buttons.  When he's not around, I tease my kids.  My very literal child was not appreciative.  I think I just need to save my button pushing for when my husband gets home.  I think it will make a nice "welcome home" present.  :)

4.  Not doing the dishes for three days only makes more dishes to do on the third day.  Next year:  paper products.

5.  Scratch that.  Next year:  eat out.

6.  It IS possible to have my husband gone for three days and NOT have a major incident in the PMD house. 

7.  Next year:  arrange for some sleep over's for the boys and REALLY have the house to myself!

8.  Outings and family gatherings are much more fun with my husband by my side.

9.  I need to be more grateful that he's willing to take a weekend to relax once a year.

10.  I'm grateful that my husband gets along well enough with my father to go hunting with him for an entire weekend and still enjoy his company every.time.he.sees.my.dad.  Love those men!

Top Ten {Tuesday}


Anonymous said...

I feel very blessed that I can say #10, too, minus the hunting part ;)

Melanie {adorkable life} said...

brilliant! (especially the house REALLY to yourself.)