Wednesday, November 2, 2011

All grown up

Lately there's been a lot of reflection over when the kids were small.

Perhaps because we're in a new phase of our lives:  no diapers, soccer, basketball, staring down the gauntlet of having both my children in school full time within the next year or two.  More independence.

We're starting to purge the baby stuff, and look forward to just enjoying the boys as they grow. 

It's also weird to see friend's kids.  To see them grow, and see what little personalities that had as a small baby come out as a kid.  It's just fun to see and enjoy life.

So, because I'm a sap, and because I'm finding all sorts of pictures and thought it would be fun to post:


Anonymous said...

The leg rolls make my ovaries hurt!

Lesley said...

Love it! Thanks for posting. Gonna have to show Grant. He loves seeing himself when he was a babe. Can't believe they are almost 8!!!

Kate said...

Now that you're coming out's time to start all over again! ;-)