Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Driving pet peeves that make me want to ram people with my van

No, I'm not a hostile person, why do you ask!??!?!

Over the course of three days, I spent more than 16 hours in a car.  This is much more than the 90 minutes (tops!) I'm used to per day....which means I had a long time to analyze other's behavior and try to talk myself down from a road rage ledge.

So...here we go on a list of things that set me off.

1.  Wide turners.  If you in the turn lane, don't swing your car so that you enter MY lane so you can make a wide turn.  You're driving a compact car, NOT a semi truck.  You do NOT need that wide of a turn radius.  If you do, chances are you shouldn't be on the road.

2.  Slow left lane drivers.  There's a right lane for a reason.  If you're slower, get over there.  That's your happy lane....and I'll happily pass you on the left.  No really, move over.

3.  Flipper-off'ers.  Chances are, I'm just responding to your awful driving.  If you wouldn't be so stupid behind the wheel, I wouldn't have to over compensate for your lack of quality thinking.  You flipping me off just results in a van sized-dent in your side of the car.  Really...watch it.

4.  Road hoggers.  There's two lanes.  Pick one.  Any one.  And if you're driving slower, try the right one.  See #2.

5.  Wrong way parking lot drivers.  I've inherited this one from my mom.  The directional parking spaces are angled that way so that poor drivers (like you) can get into and out of them without hitting other cars.  The lanes are thinner because of this reason.  You're taking up space in my driving lane.  Pay attention, please.

6.  TV's.  I'm driving across town, and I'm seeing all these tv screens down and kids zoned out watching the tube.  Really, parents?  You can't talk to your kid for the 20 minutes it takes to cross town?  Really!?!??!    Shut off the darn tv and have a relationship with your kid!  Save the tube for road trips- give them something to look forward to.

7.  Litterers.  Asphalt does NOT equal trash receptacle.  If I see you dumping on the road, I will write down you license number, and I will report you.  No, really...been there, done that!

8.  Booger pickers.  You have windows all around you.  You're knuckle deep.  People can see that.  Gross.

9.  Parking lot hogger.  Again, you don't need four spaces (up close!) to keep your precious car ding-free.  You're just being a selfish snit.  If you want to stay ding-free, park out a tad farther and take a walk in.  Chances are less people will be looking nasty in your direction.

10.  Newspaper readers.  Really?!?!?  How can you read a newspaper while driving?!?!?  How can you hold the paper, read (without loosing your place) and not kill everyone in your path?!?!  Is the news from yesterday THAT important?  Couldn't you just turn on news radio?!?!?

Top Ten {Tuesday}


Karen@Candid Diversions said...

Yes. To all of it.

I have to say, though I love my husband VERY much, he's one of those poor parking lot drivers. I used to say, "you're going the wrong way" and he would ask, genuinely befuddled, "There's a right way?"

He's getting better. I'm just hoping it's not genetic. I don't want my kids to have poor parking lot driving skills. ;)

Sandra's Fiberworks said...

Maybe you're like me. I just flash my headlight at everyone who annoys me on the road.

Anonymous said...

Can I add make-up appliers? And I always say (yell) "you don't go putt-putt in the zoom-zoom lane!" at the slow left-lane drivers!

Jennifer said...

HA!!! Amen. Although, I'm guilty of #6! Whoops. My Dad doesn't have a CLUE about the right way parking lot driving. My mom & I always yell at him when he does that. He's like "what's the big deal?" MEN! :)

Karin said...

I'm sure we all have some driving habits that are totally annoying to someone else! My annoying folks are people who can't merge properly, those who follow too closely and those who can't plan ahead cutting others off!