Monday, January 17, 2011

You wanna see how much my mind jumps around in the period of 45 seconds?


I went to Old Navy this morning.  All clearance prices are an EXTRA 40% off.  Sale ends today.

I got a Michigan shirt for A.

He's gonna love it.

He needs to hone his basketball skills.  And he wants to play baseball.

Anyone have any suggestions for a league who takes kids that have never played before?

I'm still not working out.

More detox.

This week is more mental than physical.

I'm praying a lot.

I found a great daily devotional about fitness.

I'm eating a lot of protein.

I'm working on a trip for the family this summer.

Hopefully 2
or 3.

I need to buy more eggs and milk.

D. purchased some for us yesterday, and bought enough to feed us for 2 days.

I had a great conversation with a special lady this morning, and she gave me something so dear.

God is so awesome.

I'm looking at a possible kitchen cabinet deal....or not.  Perhaps its too good to be true.

My mother in law is recovering from her surgery nicely.

Please pray for my dad and a good (and healing) appointment tomorrow.

the end.

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