Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stop what you doing....go shopping NOW.

I hit up the Old Navy post season sale on Monday. 

All clearance prices were an additional 40% off.

I purchased a few things for the boys for thier next size up.


I went to JC Penney on Tuesday to look for a fancy shirt,

wound up staying for 90 minutes.

You see,

They had JUST marked everything down to the lowest clearance price.

And since this had just happened,

(literally, like 1 hour before I arrived, Just happened!)

The pickings were still good.

Oh, the pickings were GREAT!

Check out my receipt:

Just in case you can't see this, I spent a total of $48.28.

I saved $474.38.

Oh yeah, baby!

Everything is on clearance everywhere.

Stop whatever you're doing,
and go shopping NOW.

Yes, you're welcome.

I love you too.

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