Monday, January 10, 2011

No spring chicken

I'm not posting this to show off my new pair of glasses.

They're quite old, actually.

I still like them alot.

I just don't wear them regularly.

I'm posting this to remind myself

that I'm no spring chicken.

And I need to start paying attention to my vision.

And start wearing my glasses (or contacts).

especially when I drive.

After all, I'm hauling some precious cargo.


Big Fat Gini said...

Oh, I thought it was just me that loathed wearing glasses. When I had them, half the time I'd stick them on my head while I squinted through the grocery store. My friends refused to drive with me, because I'd "accidentally" leave them at home...

I got contacts and life is so much easier. You know, once you get past the whole, "do I really have to stick my finger in my EYE" thing...

Brittney said...

Good idea! I have terrrrrible eyesight. I couldn't walk in a straight line to the car without my glasses or contacts. Yikes!