Monday, January 3, 2011

A season of "firsts"

This season was full of "firsts."

Not like "baby's first Christmas" or anything...

But some things that I wanted to highlight so I can look back and remember how much I appreciated all these things.

1.  First time I saw many of my decorations in over 5 years!  I totally LOVE my Williraye collection, and haven't taken them out of the rafters since we moved to the Love Shack.  The same goes for my nativity.  I was so happy to pull them out in November.  They were also the last decorations I packed away.

2.  First nativity scene for C.  He was a shepherd.  He lost his staff right away because he beamed his friend on the nose with it during the dress rehersal.  But, as they were all looking at the baby Jesus in the manger, he leaned in and gave the baby a kiss. 

Right before the wisemen realized that they couldn't get to the baby Jesus (shepherds were in the way) and decided to throw their gifts at him.  :)

 3.  First time we celebrated Christmas in my parent's basement.  On that note, first time we had a homecare nurse visit on Christmas day.

Oh, the firsts on this one go far and deep...but I'll leave that for another post.

4.  First time we hosted Christmas in our house!

It was great that almost all of D's siblings could make it.  It was fun to be hospitable in our new house.
Here's a pic of D's parents with all their grandchildren.  Aren't they all cute?!?!
(I am not biased or anything...not at all)

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Mama M. said...

Isn't hosting fun?! (Seriously!)

We had a first this year, too...the first time I could put breakable decorations on coffee tables. :( Made me a little sad, knowing there wasn't a little one that warranted putting breakables high up on a shelf!