Thursday, November 11, 2010

What's happening at the Love Shack...

Remember the post the other day?

You know, the one in which I left you hanging?

Well, wait no more.

Because I just know that you guys have been on the edges of you seats just wondering...

Nah, I'm just fun with mystery like that.

Anyway, we live in the woods.

Many of these trees are old.

Some of them grow diagonally.

Diagonally through and leaning on other trees.

Diagonally toward the house.

Diagonally into the power lines.

And since we now have (part of) a house that we actually care about,

Well, it was just time to get them taken care of.

So we marked the offending trees with caution tape, got some estimates, and hired a crew.

A crew that kept me waiting all morning and then showed up 10 minutes into nap time,

but hey...they showed up, right?

That crane was high up.  I took this pic from the boys' second story window,
and he had about 35 feet on me.

I thought it funny that one of the crew members looked like a lumberjack.

And then the carnage....

And the lack of driveway...

And the family night hauling logs and sticks...

Even better (!) that the tree closest to the house was a box elder tree.

Which means more more of these babies all over the back of my house.

 And today, the carnage gets removed.  At least, the messy parts.  The stumps may be there a while.

Hooray for one step closer to the addition on the addition!!

Hooray for one less worry this winter!


mrsmarkdave said...

I have been DYING to find out what was going on there. I can sleep much more peacefully tonight :-)

Burciko said...

Hi! Cute blog here! new follower from blogfrog!
Hope you stop by too!

Mama M. said...

Way to get those dang trees BEFORE they fall on your house.

Trust me on this one, I know what I'm talkin' about.

PS...I need to know what happened two years ago!! You're killin' me over here!