Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend recap and thought follow up

Remember last week's thought post (page down if you don't).  Anyway, I took the boys to that closing toy store that afternoon.  I figured that A. had enough money in this spending fund to allow him to purchase his own toy.  I saw this outfit in the store the week prior, and thought of A., but even at 30% off, it didn't fit into our budget.  At 50% off, it fit into his budget splendidly.  As soon as he saw it, he affixed himself to the box.  This boy was in heaven.  He now wears it every chance he gets.  He loves it.  I love that he takes pride in something he's earned himself.
He had .39 left over which he thought would allow him to purchase C. a toy.  Bless his little heart.  I chipped in some money and C. got a fire truck.

And of course, since I was in a crafty mood, I stopped at JoAnn Fabrics for a little inspiration.  And inspiration I found.  I spent the next day's nap time doing this:
It's a strap for my camera.  I saw an idea for this on another blog, and thought hey, I can make that!  I had to cut one of the sides twice, but if I hadn't, the entire project would have only taken me about an hour.  Sweet.  By the way, do you know how hard it is to take a picture of a camera strap attached to your camera?!?!

C. is showing signs of being ready to potty train.  I know I should be more excited than I am.  Basically, this means that I need to reacquaint myself with every public restroom known to man in every kind of public place.  I am *NOT* a public restroom kind of gal.  But, soon we will get through this and be on the other side of diapers.  Ahhhhhh.....
There's a lot of clearance sales out and about.  C. was modeling the shirt we bought for A.: Note the sunglasses.  :)

Saturday was crazy busy, but tons of fun.  I got to see two people that I really enjoy and would like to get to know even better.  Both of them are pregnant, so its tons of fun to talk about baby stuff with them.My hair stylist (D.'s cousin) was able to fit me in while I was in her neighborhood. I can safely say that I can no longer be considered a blonde (at least until summer).

Then back home to have an old friend and his pregnant wife over for dinner.  I totally messed up the timing of dinner and set off the fire alarm (for the first time in this house).  They were great sports.  It was A.'s Baptismal birthday, so I quickly pulled together some GF carrot cake cupcakes w/ cream cheese frosting.  (Thanks, Emily!)  This also opened the door to talk to our guests about our faith and how we're choosing to raise our children.  (Isn't God awesome when he opens opportunities like that?!?!)  Our guests were none the wiser that the entire meal was gluten free.  I thought that was awesome and gave myself a nice little pat on the back for that one.

Then, D. got sick during the night.  This put a kabosh on church and our SOUPer Bowl party that we usually attend.  I almost took the boys to church anyway, but I figured that if D. really is sick then we've all been exposed and we probably shouldn't expose others.  :(  On the plus side, we all slept in, had a softie day (sweats), and chilled as a family.  I got tons of audits completed (awesome!) and we made our own family soup and watched the game while throwing a ball with each other.  All in all, a good day.
When I asked A. what his favorite part of the day was (something I do every night), he said, "Just staying home playing with you and dad.  Can that be a favorite part, if it was the whole day?"

It sure can, A.


Brittney said...

Aww, Adam is so sweet! How precious!

And way to go making your own camera strap! Wish I knew how to sew! ;)

Jenna said...

Gluten free carrot cake with cream cheese frosting...ahhh I want some now!!!!!

He looks so cute in his Football outfit!

Sandy Hop said...

Seriously, Jenna! It was AWESOME!!!

Mama E said...

ahhh!!! That picture is worse than I thought it would be. You are lucky I love you or we might not be friends after posting that!!

Booklover1212 said...

Awwww....don't our kids make our hearts melt with the sweetest things they say!

~ Jennifer

Kathy said...

It was SOOO great seeing you on Saturday. You always make me laugh, thank you so much for coming!!

I LOVE the camera strap, the colors are awesome! You're so crafty! And I seriously want one, I'll pay you for it if you make me one. Pretty please?

I love Adam's new uniform, you and Dave are so awesome for teaching financial responsibility at such a young age. And how sweet that he wanted to get something for Colin! What a nice big brother. :)

Yay for potty training! I'm fortunate that Sabrina hates public toilets as much as I do so she'll hold it as long as she possibly can. Thank goodness for her iron bladder. hehe

And where's a picture of your new hairdo?? I want to see it hot momma!