Monday, February 1, 2010

Funny Story

There's nothing on TV on Saturday night at 7 pm.

We usually channel surf trying to find something that the boys can watch and help calm them down before bed.

Enter:  The Lawrence Welk Show.

Yes, we watch PBS.

Actually, some of the fashions could be worn today. 

And some should have never been worn at all.

We usually dance around the living room.  Trading boys.  Just the 4 of us.

Last Saturday, I was tucking C. into his crib.  Adam comes in to say goodnight to C.

Then he turns to me and said, "Mommy, can I have a pleasure dance?"

Me:  "uhhh....who did you hear that from?"

I tell D. what he said and he falls to the ground laughing.

D. sent him in to ask me "can I have the pleasure of this dance?"

I danced with my son around the living room.

Later, I jokingly chastised my husband for putting x-rated language in our son's mouth.


CalgaryDaddy said...

Pleasure Dance! Too Funny! 3weeks ago, when my wife started to fo into labour...we put this show on and I danced around the living room imitating the characters. All in a failed attempt to make the pain stop!


cindi said...

Lawrence Welk lives on! We used to watch this on Sunday nights when I was a kid. Your blog always brings some sunshine into my day. Stop by my blog and see what I have for you.

Jenna said...

Haha bless his heart. That is so cute!

Debbie said...

How cute! Isn't it great when they turn an innocent phrase on its head?

Sandra said...

How cute!

We have the same problem here. No small kids, but adults like to have something good to watch too! :)

Following you (follow Friday catching up)

Thanks for following me :)

halfstitched said...

That's funny! Found you on the Friday Follow. Can't wait to read more.

Peggy Patrick Medberry said...

Fun blog! I found you on friday follow!