Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just my thoughts

I thought about taking part in a birthing story blog hop, but since I have no pictures of A's birth will have to wait.  So, I'm doing a thought post.

A's class led chapel today at his school.  It was adorable.  They sang, "I am Jesus' little lamb."  The song has been their memory work for the past few weeks.  All the kindergarten parent's heads were bobbing with the words since we all know it by heart too...I was in the back row giggling at the phenomenon.  Bless their little hearts- they were so cute.

C. and I went to Kohl's afterward to check out the clearance racks.  I often miss out on the good stuff because I wait too long.  Today I banked.  I found great stuff, great discounts, and spent the entire wad of my birthday money.  Plus, I got Kohl's cash to go back (enter:  commercial..."It's like getting paid to shop.")  There were a few things I put back in order to get to the check out within my I can go back and get one!  SWEET.

We went to The Children's Place at the mall today too.  At the check out, I gave in and purchased a pair of sunglasses for C. after he threw a fit.  (don't judge me)  I know there were people watching with many opinions on how I shouldn't have given in.  I'll settle for their sideways glances.  Yes, I'm still learning.

C. sucks on peanuts.  He requests them as a snack, and it takes him hours to eat them.  He sucks on them.  Don't ask me.

My dad has surgery next Tuesday.  Supposed to be routine.  We all know that things that are supposed to be routine sometimes aren't.  I'm praying this isn't one of those times.  God is in control.

Total pregnancy number is at 24.  Few have added, but two have now delivered.

I am jonesing to do something with my sewing machine.  I haven't had a sewing project since before Christmas.  Hmmmm, what to do....  Perhaps a trip to JoAnn Fabrics is in my future.

One of my favorite up-scale toy stores is going out of business.  Everything is 50% off.  It's next door to JoAnn Fabrics.  Hmmmm...perhaps a trip needs* to happen today.  Or tonight- without kids.

I found a recipe that incorporates 4 servings of veggies into one meal.  The boys both loved it.  Next time I make it, I'll post pics and recipe.

Dave wears his clothes inside out when he's spraying paint.  He looks funny- but still dashingly handsome.

I need a massage.

* the line between want and need is blurry at this moment in time.


Lesley said...

Learning Express is going out of business?!

Sandy Hop said...

Yes it is! Wanna go w/ me tonight?

Brittney said...

What about the fabric from a few posts ago?!

Also, I hit Kohl's the other day with hubs and we got some great spring stuff on sale for our little boy when he arrives! Yippee!

Kathy said...

My need/want line gets blurred frequently lately so I understand. Let me know if Learning Express still has a good selection, Sabrina has a birthday coming up and I love a bargain. :)

I'll be praying for your Dad too. :)

Lesley said...

I have praise team practice tonight... :( let me know if anything is left...I could go tomorrow after I drop the kids off at school or after morning naps...let me know.

Sandy Hop said...

we have MOPS tomorrow, don't forget!

Lesley said...

oh right...duh...

Mama E said...

Sandy - Am I included in your pregnancy/baby count of 24?? 4 servings of veggies in one meal? I NEED the recipe, and the want/need line is not blurred in this instance. ;)

Sandy Hop said...

Emily, yes you are!