Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday morning...and random giddiness.

The boys are sick.  Again.  Started as an innocent headache on A's part and has morphed into snotty, rashy, fevery crud.  I know its going around and all...but COME ON!  We've had our fair share of crud this winter (C. especially). 

I ended up taking the boys into the Dr. on Friday afternoon to get them both checked- the Dr. we saw was using the word "asthma" when talking about C.  I always knew that was a possibility with him, but it worries me that its now in his chart.  I guess I always picture the runty kid in grade school with the crazy-thick glasses with the snap-down (instead of button-down) shirt, carrying his inhaler to gym class where he sat on the sidelines more than he played.  Asthma means, for C, that I REALLY need to be vigilant about his allergies- since his lungs are already inflamed more than not.  I feel bad for the poor kid...he gets so scared when he can't breathe.

I'm still in the same pajamas I went to bed in on Friday night.  (change of underclothes, though).  Don't judge me.  My kids are sick.  And when they feel better (thanks to tylenol), they fight.  When they don't feel better, they are like velcro to me.  A shower is long overdue- hopefully coming soon. 

I did have a big day with my cricut machine yesterday.  I'm working on gifts, donations and wall art for our NEW bathroom in the addition- which is so close to being complete I'm giddy with excitement.  Pictures coming soon.  :)

I didn't have enough energy/time/leash from the boys to get the sewing machine out like I wanted to.  Hopefully today.  I'm working on a baby gift that I started with the cricut and need to finish with the sewing machine...I hope it turns out in real life as cute as it looks in my head.  I'll post pictures if it does!

I received a phone call on Friday which both excited and humbled me.  It's a new venture, but totally up my alley.  An announcement will come soon- vague announcement for bloggy world, but more detailed information for my IRL friends.  I'm praying hard about it and so excited...and giddy...about the direction its going in!

My MOPS group is doing a consignment sale this year.  I'm thinking about what I want to put in there.  Do I get rid of everything from the boys baby stages?  Why do I not feel ready for that?  I know I'm done having this normal?  Does every mom struggle with letting baby stuff go?

Dave took Molly for a walk this morning and came in the house smelling of spring air.  Does anyone else smell the change in seasons?  The smell had guessed it...almost giddy!  Why almost?  Well, we still have about 3-4 inches on snow on the ground and another bout coming this week.  But the tulips I won at MOPS last week are a nice splash of spring on my kitchen table!


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