Monday, February 3, 2014

Mondy morning Survival Miscellany

I don't' know much.  But I do know this: I am sick.  It appears that I have both a head cold with stomach flu and fever/chills. It's loads of fun, I tell ya.

  • The rest of the house has the head cold.  Again, loads of fun.

  • I can't hear a thing.  At all.

  • You know the down side to going to bed at7pm on Super Bowl Sunday?  1) Missing the commercials 2) being WIDE awake at 4am.

  • I will say that my husband gets MONSTER kudos for going above and beyond the call yesterday while I was laying in bed.  He'd only had 3 choppy hours of sleep, managed to handle all 3 kiddo for most of the day, made dinner, and remained sane.

  • I want to have words with Phil.  That darn groundhog is a wuss being scared of a darn shadow, and now I'm stuck with more winter. I'm over it.  Just over it.

  • It never fails: everyday C forgets something he'll need at school.  Every blessed day.  Last week it was boots.  This morning we went through his outside bag before school, and he had everything.  He went to school wearing his boots so they weren't forgotten.  I thought we had figured it out.  Then, the carpool comes and picks them up. 2 Seconds after they left, I see Cs's gloves sitting on the entertainment center.  Seriously???  2 minutes before they got picked up, they were inside the bag.  How does this happen?!?!?

  • Hey friends, I'm seeking a piece of advice:  how do you do it?  How do you do the carpool, watch basketball games, feed the family, keep up on laundry, keep upon dishes, and not forget about homework?  I'm struggling keeping up with it all, and feel like I can't preplan anything-that I'm literally flying by the seat of my pants all the time.  My opposite-of-type A personality doesn't mind flying by the seat of my pants, but apparently my family does.  They are not fans of eating AFTER bedtime.  So, what's the secret?

  • I'm cutting this blog post short. Baby L. is still asleep, so I'm going to capitalize on some quiet house time!  Till next time, friends.

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