Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bullets and hashtags

1.  The boys had no school on Monday for President's Day (or mid-winter break...whatever you want to call it, but there was no school).  Which means, I think today is Tuesday and will be off a day for the remainder of the week. #todayiswednesdaytodayiswednesdaytodayiswednesday

2.  I did not do my menu planning for February.  I don't know why I never did it, but I'm lost without it.  And I'm blowing my grocery budget. #properpriorplanningpreventspisspoorperformance

3.  Last night, A. asked if he could make dinner.  SURE!  Grilled Cheese for everyone!  Thanks to a FANTASTIC gf bread I found in the freezers at Costco, I was able to enjoy my first grilled cheese in over 4 years.  Actually, it was a grilled cheese with cream cheese, ham and thin apple slices.  Oh yum. #UdisIloveyou

4.  Oh look, more snow. Because you know we don't have enough.  #clearly

5.  I have been whole-heartedly enjoying Michelle's Laid Back Book Club.  Even though I couldn't make it to every meeting, I've read all the books as scheduled.  I've really enjoyed reading books outside my usual genre, and then talking to friends about it.  This month, the book is a long(er) one, and I know that since I read in 5-10 minutes sections a few times a day, I need to get cracking on it.  HOWEVER, a book that I've been eagerly anticipating was released yesterday and is on my kindle.  I spent over an hour reading and crying over this book last night.  I have a feeling that nothing is going to get accomplished until I get through this book.  #readon

6.  Yesterday was so weird.  I ran a bazillion errands.  With baby in tow.  EVERY place we went, a Moody Blues song came on.  Even Hobby Lobby played a lovely elevator-music version of "Tuesday afternoon." #Iknowyoureouttheresomewhere #Inyourwildestdreams #Nightsinwhitesatin #melancholyman

7.  I bit it three times on the ice yesterday.  Coming home from grocery shopping, I realized that there was no longer a spot to park that didn't have 7 inches of snow.  So, I parked the (still running) van half in the top of the driveway and half in the road with baby inside...and started shoveling.  The first time I fell, the only thing hurt was my pride.  But hey- no one saw, so I'm all good.  The second time I crunched my back side, hands, wrists and elbows.  The third fall....was the hardest of all- I went down (hard) on my left shin/knee/thigh and left arm.  I just sat there and whimpered for a good 5 minutes until I heard Baby L crying her little heart in the van.  I managed to pick myself up and pull the van into the semi-cleared out parking spot.  Thanks to an overloaded baby stroller, I managed to get the groceries into the house in one trip...but it took me the rest of the day to get them put away due to the pain.  Today it feels like the day after a car accident- stiff and painful.  That's what I get for trying to save my tired husband from shoveling.  #nogooddeedgoesunpunished  #ouch

8.  I cleared off my treadmill and am back on the hamster wheel.  I've signed up for a 5k this summer, so it's time.  It's actually PAST time to get back on it.  My pelvic bone still hurts from Baby L's delivery, and my feet hurt more than ever, but I'll push through.  At least until I can no longer walk on my own. #flatfeetIhateyou #ouchmyhips #colorrunhereIcome

9.  I think there need to be something said about trust.  When it's not there in the past, but hope for it in the future, you need to be totally transparent in the present.  Especially when you're making large decisions that affect many.  You can't drop big decisions on people and expect them to just be accepting and ok with it. Many of you won't understand this comment, and that's ok.  Sorry to be cryptic.  #justsayin #publishthedarnmeetingminutesalready  #thankyouverymuch.

10. C's permanent teeth are starting to come in.  He lost all four front teeth last fall and has had an adorable hole in his smile for a few months.  While it's neat to see him grow (and be able to chew things again), it's sad to see him mature and see his smile change.  In my head he's still my baby boy.  I don't like this growing up-bit one bit.  Not one little bit.  #Iknowyou'renotsupposedtohavefavoritesbutifIhadtochooseonehe'sit.

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