Tuesday, February 18, 2014


We were so far overdue
that we both were having copious amounts of back pain.
And not sleeping.
And grumpy during the day
(see back pain and lack of sleep)
You never know how much a good night's sleep means to daily living
Until you don't have it anymore.
So, Baby L and I spent the greater part of a Thursday
dealing with random skeezy salespersons,
price comparing,
Oh my.
Until I found our gem.
The best deal.
Three days later,

One hour after that:

Now, I sleep!
No pain!
Although, my thighs are starting to hurt from having to CLIMB into bed every night.
This mattress sits 15 inches taller than our old one.
I used to have to LOOK UP to see the monitor on the side table.
Now I'm a good foot above it.
But I love it.
I love my bed.
I love my sleep.
Happy day.
Happy night.
Happy girl.

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mrsmarkdave said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! My Dave made us get a new mattress a year ago (I was mad because I loved our mattress. Even though he was probably right that it was beyond needing to be replaced). So, he bought this thing that is a couple of inches lower than our old one:-( I love climbing into bed rather than having to try to climb out of bed.
Sleep well!!