Thursday, July 26, 2012

(Almost) Done

There's a lot half-finished lately at the PMD house.


(almost) done. 

with a LOT of things.

For starters,

I'm (almost) done being pregnant!  Today is the first day of the third trimester! 

12 weeks to go!!!

Another thing, the Love Shack is just a little closer to being done today.

Drywall gets delivered!

Granted....we still have a LONG way to go before it's done

(i.e. hanging said drywall (tomorrow) , finishing it (Monday), trim work, priming, painting, and all the little things that go with finishing a room (or five)- light and plumbing fixtures, etc.)

BUT, we're a LOT closer to being done than we were 10 weeks ago.  :)

This is what my living room currently looks like:

If you've EVER lived through a drywall project, you'll understand why it's blocked off so well....and still, we'll be vacuuming that super fine dust out of couch cushions for the next decade.

But hey, it's (ALMOST) done!

And other (almosts):

A. is (almost) fully dressed for the day.

I'm (almost) fully done with our camping trip:

Laundry is clean and folded

She's been bathed (just this morning, but's done!  Hence the wet spots on the belly pic above):

The only thing left to do is take the clean linens out to the RV and give her a good scrub down and vacuum.

And one of my favorite (almosts):

I'm almost done making the dragonfly mobile for baby girl's room!

I saw a butterfly one on Pintrest, and thought I could do one to match our bedding.

My friend, Stephenie, came over last night for some crafting fun, and we got a good start.

Now, I just have a few things to do to finish it.

Which I'll probably get around to early next week.

But, since it's (almost) done, you get the gist!

(almost) done!

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Brittney said...

Only 12 more weeks?! Wow!! So close already!