Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Things

My brain is not functioning well enough to put together a comprehensive post today, so I'll go with randomness.  It seems to work for me.

1.  Things I should be doing instead of blogging: cuddling with Molly, audit reports, devotions, cleaning, dishes, running errands, doing educational things with C that would make me a "good mom".

2.  Things I would rather be doing than blogging:  sleeping in.

3.  Things I'm worried about:  Molly.  She's still under the weather.  We have a vet appt today at 2.  I'm hoping for two things: 1) whatever is ailing her is an easy fix and 2) the appointment, tests, and cure don't put us back to square one in saving for the house.

4.  Things I (sigh) about:  It's freezing in the basement where my office is.  I borrowed the space heater from D's office, and the only place to stick it is in the corner.  Which means that a quarter of my right butt cheek is HOT HOT HOT...the rest of me is still freezing.  Sigh. 

Sorry I talked about my butt cheek.

5.  Things I hope for:  a good outcome to the election- both today (our primary day here in MI) and in November, enough money to start the other side of the house, health, happiness and contentment for my boys, successful fundraising efforts for our school, high levels of productivity with work, a fun, active and fulfilling social life and a happy marriage.  Amen.

6.  Things I don't get:  people that pull out into traffic when there is CLEARLY not enough room to safely get in without someone else having to SLAM on their brakes, bus stops that are 50 feet apart when parents DRIVE the kids to the bus stop anyway(God forbid their kids walk the 100 feet to get to the bus stop), people that quickly turn in front of you only to go 10 mph BELOW the speed limit, people that drive with their cell phone in front of their face and take up 2 lanes, people that drive SLOW in the left lane.  I really have issues with people on the road, perhaps?

7.  Things I'm addicted to:  blogging, my family, texting, Downton Abbey, pintrest, back rubs, Cadbury mini eggs (which is why I'm NOT buying ANY).

8.  Things I need to more of:  exercise, eat fiber, fondue, devotions, time management, prayer, crafts.

9.  Things I would buy if money was no object:  A European trip, a hot flashy camera lens, a rediculous amount of trusses, framing lumber and shingles  :).

10.  Things I'm grateful for:   family, friends, decongestents, and you.

Top Ten {Tuesday}


Big Fat Gini said...

Once again, the two of us are on the same page. Well. I mean, my butt cheek is totally fine. Only because it's already warm here and the humidity makes up for whatever parts of me aren't toasty already.

I love Cadbury Eggs. And I am avoiding them like the plague.

Anonymous said...

Praying for Molly!
Grateful for friends, too!
Wishing for independent wealth.

Tettelestai said...

Oh what a cute random top ten!! You made me smile, thanks!

Joy and Randy said...

I am thankful for you too!