Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Domesticity is bliss

Dave claims that he's never seen our blog.  He claims that he's never read it.

I tell him about the things I post,
and I promise not to "cross lines," etc,
but he claims that he's never read the blog.

I think he secretly reads it.
(BUSTED baby!  Love you tons!)

What tipped me off?

We spent the weekend together.

With the exception of my Saturday night plans, and his plowing all night on Friday...
we were together all blessed weekend.

And, of course, he made these plans to stay home all weekend after I wrote this post.

Either way, it was a perfectly "quiet" weekend.

And just because it wasn't all glitz and glamour doesn't mean it wasn't fantastic. 

So...here's the weekend in pictures:

1.  Breakfast with the husby.  Usually Saturdays we go our own ways.  He heads to breakfast-with-the-boys before work, and I mosey over to my parent's house for the day.  Due to the nasty roads, we stayed home and D missed the breakfast-boys because he was plowing.  Which meant he got to dine with us.  :)  Even though the boys still opted for cereal over bacon and eggs, they still really enjoyed having daddy home on a Saturday morning.

2.  I made some Valentine Treats.  I do enjoy baking.  And in accordance with my February Operation, I decided to make a Valentine Trail Mix out of left over popcorn from Souper Bowl (surprisingly enough NOT stale!), left over rice chex from Christmas (again, not stale!), and left over almond bark and red candy melts from Christmas.  I added some fresh peanuts and Valentine M&M's....and waalah:

Pink trail mix!

I stuck them in baggies and loaded them up for gifting:

And then...if that wasn't enough, I made a few dozen sugar cookies for C's Valentine's Party yesterday.

3.  D took a quick nap, and after he woke up, he offered to take the boys out and about with him for a few hours.  (again, reason to make me believe that he read that post).

I decided to start the clean out of the Love Shack.  (oh yeah, and I did about 8 loads of laundry)

I found old SD cards filled with precious pictures, and blogged a bit....

But in the end, I was successful at the clean out:

4.  While I was cleaning all the old boxes out, I found a bed tent that I originally purchased with A first moved into a big boy bed.  I thought that it would add some additional warmth to his bed during the winter months (since the Love Shack has no insulation, and his bed was on an outside wall).

For some reason, it never got assembled.

Until now.

My first instinct was to pitch it...but I didn't want to throw it away until the boys trashed had fun with it.

Even D had a good time in there:

The boys even slept in the tent that night.  Apparently, the tight quarters were a tad too much for my light sleeping, C....because he ended up heading into his own bed around midnight.

5.  Of course, when you work from home...there's always work to be done.  So Saturday and Sunday gave me some time to catch up.

6.  After D and the boys arrived home on Saturday, he decided that since the Love Shack was getting cleaned out, it was time to move his office over to the new house.

So we spent the next four hours moving computers, file cabinets, storage cabinets, etc. 
And set him up in his little dungeon.  :) 

It's nice because he's about 8 feet from me.  (my desk)
It's not so nice because he's about 8 feet from me.

At night, our TV's are now fighting for top volume rights. :)  At least I can shut his door.  hehe.

7.  Spa night.  The other blog I work for had our Christmas party a tad late in the season.  February kind of late....but hey....I think it was a splendid idea!  Since the blog has grown so much since I first started, there were 6 of us there.  (Including some of my favorite people!)  She brought in a masseuse and pedicures, lots of wine and some yummy goodies.

The masseuse seriously had me floating on a cloud when she was done with me.  After moving all day, I was tense and tight....she worked all my shoulder and neck muscles....hard.  She warned me to drink lots of water that night...which I did, but also drank LOTS of wine.  Ever since, my shoulders have felt bruised and so sore that I'm not letting anyone touch my shoulders!

But there was laughter....so much laughter that I was crying, my side felt like it was about to split....and I got so dizzy because I couldn't stop laughing enough to breathe. (that's the best, isn't it?!?!?) 

Other than my sore shoulders....I also have a party on my toes to remind me of that fun fun night:

8.  I made the boys' Valentine's Cards.  I saw this idea on Pintrest, and thought it was easy enough.  So, thanks to Costco's cheap printing costs and Picasa's free download, the boys and I were able to finish these Valentine's Cards for really cheap.  And the boys loved them!

9.  Haircuts for the boys.  They were getting shaggy, and it needed to be done.  C actually complained that it was too "messy" so he asked for a really short cut.  This was the first time he'd ever asked for something specific....so I obliged. 

Before for C.
After for A

10.  And possibly the highlight of my weekend:  I took a nap.

C was a MESS on Sunday afternoon from a poor night sleep.  I told him to go lay on our bed for a bit, and after having issues settling down, I offered to cuddle with him.  Sure enough, he fell asleep quickly.  So, I thought I'd give myself 10 minutes to lay there to make sure he was fully asleep....and 90 minutes later, I opened my eyes!  All cozy and warm.  And well rested.
Oh, how I love cozy Sunday afternoon naps cuddled up with my favorite 4 year old.  I can't remember the last time I took a nap!

Top Ten {Tuesday}

So, while my weekend lacked glitz and glamour...it was still the perfect weekend!


oh amanda {impress your kids} said...

How fun!!

And can I say that I just LOVE your blog header and title and byilne? So fun and creative. Love it.

Thanks for linking up!

Big Fat Gini said...

I love productive family weekends! I just wish they didn't go by so quickly.

I spent all day Saturday in bed with a nasty migraine thanks to a Canadian cold front. But, I think I needed the rest.

I just love your little family! Not in the creepy stalker way! ;O)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful top ten - sounds like a perfect weekend and since I was part of it, I'd have to agree it was great! I can always tell when Simon's read the bloggity blog, amusingly true!