Monday, February 21, 2011

Rhetorical questions...

Why do I forget so many things?

Why do I always (without fail) shave my legs on the morning of weigh in days?

Do I honestly think that the .oooooooooooo1 oz. will make that much of a difference on the scale?

And while we're on the topic of weighing in...why do I hold my breath every time I step on the scale?

Do you hold your breath when you step on the scale?

Why do I forget so many things?

How is it possible that I have SCABS on my eyebrows from the threading incident on Thursday?

Am I going to have to cancel my appointment tonight due to weather and bad roads?

Did you remember to pray for my dad today?  (If so, THANK YOU!)

When will spring come back?

When will my sugar cravings disappear for good?

Does my son have strep?

Why do I forget...oh, wait....nevermind.

1 comment:

mrsmarkdave said...

I actually have been praying for your dad this week-end. Haven't yet today, but I will. (Yes I know these questions are rhetorical, but I'm answering anyway).
And you aren't the only one that shaves legs on weigh in days.
Holding your breath when you weigh in? I stepped on the scale one time at my WW weigh in, and my leader told me to breathe in and hold it. I went down a tenth of a pound. So there really is something to that. I only hold my breath if I'm desperate. Which has been every week since April.