Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dear feline harboring friend,

I enjoy your company, and I love your kids.

I think you're great.

I love meeting you at malls, play grounds, and having you guys over here to play.

However, when you invite us over, please don't think that my immediate decline is any indication of how much I treasure your friendship.

You know this* is an issue.


is an issue.

You harbor a feline 4-legged creature.

I have nothing against you.

But I hate your cat.

I'm sure your cat is a very nice cat.

I hate every cat.

I'm sure you love it
(in the same way I love my dog).

But you see, he:

is allergic to your cat.

Not just *your* cat....any cat.

And he is asthmatic.

And, as his mom,

his airway ranks pretty high on my list of responsibilities.

Right up there with....well..... a heartbeat.

And until you've been there at 2:30 (and 4:30, and 6:30)
in the morning

with big scared eyes looking at you,
and wheezing and barking where there should be breathing,

and a little voice saying, "mommy, i hurt.  mommy, i cared (scared)"

And you're fumbling in a scared stupor trying to get the inhalor to work...

Well,  I don't expect you to get it.

But I do ask you to be respectful about my decision to stay away from your abode.
So, in conclusion, when it comes down to either your feelings or my son's airway...

...well, oxygen wins.



C's mommy


Thomas and Jamie said...

You seriously had someone get mad at you about that? I can't imagine...I totally agree...Oxygen even before the best of friends!!!

mrsmarkdave said...

WOW!!! I love this. I have a person in my life that chooses to provide a home to cats. Which means - they choose for my husband to not be able to come to their house. Which means - neither can I. (DH also has severe allergies and asthma and his parents spent many nights in the ER with him as a child)
However, it's never really been an issue. I can't imagine getting angry at someone because they have medical issues that are triggered by something in their home. YIKES!!!

Big Fat Gini said...

We don't have allergies in this house, but quite honestly, I can't stand animals. So, at least you have a reason. I'm just a pet hater.

Maybe it's just me, but I think I would have to reevaluate a friendship if they were to really be upset over something like that.

Chasity said...

Good for you standing firm for what your child needs (and deserves!).