Friday, February 11, 2011

Random Friday List (and some 5QF!)

1.  Holy crap, I'm sick.

2.  My 26 year reign of being strep throat free has come to an abrupt halt.

3.  With a side of ear infections (yes, both ears).

4.  I'm on a strict regiment of 600 mg. of ibuprofen every 4 hours.

5.  So, I'm sick....and high.  :)

6.  And I just coughed a lung up in an insured's ear.

7.  I'm totally bringing sexy back to insurance auditing.

8.  Just so you know, my pms funk is over.

9.  Cause I know you were just dying to know when I came back to the land of the sane.

10.  Is it naptime yet?

Ok, my dear friend, M. is back in the land of 5 Q F after a short hiatus.  I've missed her dearly, so go on over and play along...while you're at it, give her some bloggy love, would ya?

1. Would you rather be on ABC's Extreme Home MakeOver or TLC's What not to Wear?

Well, I'd love to say Extreme Home Makeover, but I'd only want them to touch the other side of the that's a no-fly.

I'll go on TLC's WNTW.  But only after I loose 80 more pounds.  After that, feel free to nominate me, anyone.  Thanks.  :)

Hello?....Hello?....(hangs head in selfish shame...)

2. Do you have any tattoos?

yes....moving on.

3. Do you tell your kids about things you did growing up?

I tell the boys fun things that I did (that don't include "mommy was stupid!").  Things like, "I loved going fishing with papa ken.  Or, I loved playing basketball.

And that's all they'll know too.  At least until they're 40.

4. If the traffic signal turns yellow, do you stop or speed up?

Depends on how far away I am.  And if there are any police cars in the general vicinity.  :)

5. What's your preference: chocolate or chips?

Oh, chocolate all the way.

And, M....I have really low blood pressure too (yesterday it was 100/60) - so that's no excuse!


Dianne said...

Sure hope you are feeling better real quick! Strep is not your friend.

I love the 5 questions Friday!

mrsmarkdave said...

Hope you feel better very soon. I always love your 5 questions.

Brittney said...

Oh, hope you feel better soon!!

Rach said...

Dude, you got a tat? Sick. I'll be sure to bring that up sometime later. Hope you feel better soon!

Mama M. said...

Is too an excuse! And, I'm totally dying to see a photo of this tat...DYING!

Here's the show us your tat, and I'll nominate you for WNTW. How 'bout it?!

Thanks for the smile, my friend...