Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Ten - Funny update

1.  I've been busy.  Spring time is the new Christmas- didn't you know?!?!?!  I miss my space here, though.

2.  I've been stopped by a few people lately saying "heyyyyyy, I've stumbled across your blog....."  or "so and so told me about your blog- dang girl, you're funny!"  This is a weird paradox for me...it's so fun to have this blog: a place to be snarky and sarcastic and self-deprecating...but also a place for me to just be me.  To not have to worry about politically correctness....to just ramble.  So...thanks for reading.  Thanks for putting up with me.  Thanks for laughing.  (with me....not at me - cause most of the time I'm laughing too).

3.  Dave is working on this deck.  EVERYTIME he tries to schedule it, it rains.  And not just any rain...gully-washer rain.  His brother has a new cheer for Dave: "When you say deck, God says RAIN! DECK, RAIN, DECK RAIN"  So..today it's raining and I ask Dave "Where were you supposed to work today?"  He says, "THAT DECK!"  I laughed SO HARD!  Then it stopped about an hour ago.  Clear skies.  Clear radar.  He heads up here, and no more than pulls up to the house- DOWNPOUR.  Oooohhhh, I'm laughing SO HARD!  Poor guy....

4.  I did an inventory of my sock drawer the other day.  I have approximately 6 pairs of black socks, one pair of Christmas socks and a pair of St. Patrick's Day socks that don't have holes in them.  Yet, my sock drawer is so jam packed that I cannot shut it.  I'm sure there's some psychological issue in there...feel free to armchair it all you want.  It just is what it is.

5.  Here's the big news...in a cryptic sort of way.  I've really been feeling called in a certain direction lately.  I've felt this way for about a year now...but lately it seems to be coming to a head- where I'm much more at peace with the direction we're taking.  I think Dave needed to get on board (again) with it in his own time as well.  I just need to pull the trigger on it...I know I'll be so happy after having pulled said trigger, but it's just that blast when it first happens.  That's about all I can say about it right now- simply because there's no real news just yet....but there will be.  Hopefully soon.  Then expect a large blog post in explanation.  But if you could pray for me in the meantime, that would be sweet.

6.  Baby L. has cut her 5th tooth.  She's so cute!

7.  Have you seen this clip yet?  HA!  I laugh!

And I'll only get to 8 today...lots of things to do!

8.  You NEED to watch this commercial!


Anonymous said...

#pullthetrigger #mytwocents

mrsmarkdave said...

I find myself chuckling quite frequently (or just plain laughing out very loud) when reading your blog because I so often can relate :-)

Mama M. said...

Clearly catching up here! That moment when people you really know discover your blog? Yeah, it's weird. I kinda liked it when it was all just "creepy internet people" like you. ;)