Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In our neck of the woods. is now 10pm, and I'm just sitting down to work.

I thought I'd get my fingers used to typing by warming up with a little bloggy post.  :)

Here's what my neck of the woods looks like in no particular order:

  • The flooding stage in our downtown area has crested and is now reaching Lake Michigan.  A lot of businesses and homes were heavily damaged.  And then there's the idiots that head out in kayaks and canoes and find themselves (surprisingly?!?!?!?) in need of rescue after being caught in a fast current.

  • It's allergy season for me.  'Nuf said.

  • Baseball season is in FULL swing.  4 nights a week.  It's INSANE.

  • Soccer season is also upon us.

  • Did I mention that I am carting baby to all these events?!?!  By the time she's walking, I'm planning on having some awesome pipes.  (silver lining to every thing, right?)

  • I seriously have not sat down at all today.  I've been busting my tail- running every which way...and don't have much to show for it.  We are all alive...and (mostly) there's that.  Oh, and I have three unfolded piles of laundry and a photo uploaded on Facebook.  Priorities.

  • For some reason, Ally knows how to twist her leash to unclip it.  Then she RUNS.  RUNS FAR.  The past three nights, I've been fortunate to get a moonlit walk through the woods....I have no idea what kind of animals live in these woods....I'm going to pretend that they're the Cinderella-type of animals ready to bust into bits of song if I'm scared.

  • Tonight, I had all but given up hope after an hour of walking in the (almost) full moon.  Then my neighbor came out and started talking to me.  He can talk.  And talk.  Ally heard him and went to him to sniff- NEVER seeing me!  I grabbed her so fast, clipped the leash to her and held on tight.  Then...she twisted, clipped it free and ran again. Sigh.  I'm proud to report that she is here and safe tonight.  And I'll be running to the pet shop tomorrow.

  • My friend is buying a house closer to me than she was.  I'm giddy with excitement!

  • A's Cadets had their pinewood derby tonight.  A's car was mediocre.  He was sad- as he wanted to win, but don't we all?  He's already strategizing for next year.

  • He also earned a new badge.  For building a bird house.  But he doesn't know where it is.  But the instructor verifies that he did, in fact, build a bird house.

  • That's all I've got tonight.  I have a while to work yet, and my eyes are already starting to drift.  Sigh.

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