Friday, April 19, 2013

Random Friday post

Ok, I haven't been a diligent blogger lately. 

I go in cycles.

Lately, life is just seriously busy.  A little too busy for my liking.

I'm working on it.  :) no particular order, here is my random Friday list:

  • I'm finding that I'm still surprised by people's behavior.  Whether they rise to the occasion and are more generous that I thought....or they are total crapheads in need of a lot of grace....I still find myself surprised.

  • Baby L. has been intermittently sleeping from 8pm to 7am lately.  I love love love it.

  • Michelle and I started pilates yesterday.  I'm hoping this will spring-board my pelvic bone to a happy healing place...and help my physical recovery from baby-having.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hurting this morning.

  • C's Kindergarten News gets sent home every night from school.  This includes the date, how many days they've been in kindergarten, their activities from the day, and upcoming events.  Now...she's including a countdown until the end of the year.  36 more days of Kindergarten....

  • I'm in a crafty mood.  Hhhhmmmm, what to craft, what to craft.....

  • Our area no longer has a speck of snow.  We do, however have water.  Lots and lots of water.  Flooding at record highs, bridges washed out.  It's insane.  Even some schools were called off for "rain days."  There's a first for everything, right???

  • I have amazing respect for people who use hashtags in witty ways.  It makes me love them all the more. #everyonesacomedian

  • I would like to read more.  I would like to have a tablet to read on.

  • We had our annual auction last Friday night.  It was a nice date night for Dave and I.  We both clean up well.  :)  Our regular babysitter was busy, so I split the kids up.  I sent Baby L. to my friend, Stephenie (where she was totally loved on!  Thanks, Steph!), and left the boys here with our babysitters boyfriend, Tom.  He used to come with her to babysit the kiddos in our old small group, and since we branched off, the boys had not seen him.  When I told them Tom was on his way over, the boys jumped with glee.  They attacked him the moment he walked in.  When we got home, the boys were passed out in their beds, the house was still standing (and cleaned up) and the oven (from frozen pizza) had been turned off.  I call that a success.  We love Tom!

  • That's all I've got.  Happy Weekend!

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